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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 50

There are numerous Memorable Movie dinner scenes. Some are hilarious, like the exploding turkey in Christmas Vacation and the “How much for the girl” dinner scene in the movie Blues Brothers. Other scenes are not for the squeamish, like the eyeball soup and frozen monkey brains dinner in Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom, or eating dinner with Grandpa in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Other memorable movie dinner scenes are just deadly and ruthless, like the scene at the Italian restaurant, where Michael Corleone gets revenge for the attempted assassination of his father, Don Corleone. There is another dinner scene that involves revenge in one of the most deadly and ruthless movies ever made, Sicario.

If you have seen this film, you will never, ever forget this dinner.







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    The scene some time before this is the one I remember from this film. The bravery of the director to film and include a silent scene of men walking through a beautiful lingering sunset and into a tunnel towards violence was inspired. So much time to show something so basic and it gave the film a humanity that made the violence impact so much harder.

    Revenge at the dinner table? Didn’t Lee van Cleef do this already?

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