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Runner Runner (2013) movie review

How many times have you thought about making some easy money by playing online poker, but backed out because you don’t want to end up like Richie Furst from Runner Runner? Well, that movie did have us all at the edge of our seat, no matter how badly it might have failed to stick with us after Richie gives Ivan the final blow.

Runner Runner was released in 2013. By that time, we were already pretty familiar with e-sports, a quick growing industry today. Now, this American crime thriller could be your reality if you chase your greed without watching your back. We kept rooting for Justin Timberlake’s Wall Street mess, Richie Furst and we won, but were not the heroes of a Brad Furman movie. We might not get in luck to turn things around once we’ve messed it up for ourselves. You might find top-notch casinos online but better take real reviews before sharing personal details and investing real money in them.

The movie is full of violence, sexual content, and deception; everything we look for in real life, in order to avoid them, or get the closest possible to them, without getting sucked in. One cannot watch Runner Runner with the expectation of a didactic ending. All that is sought for after the duping, and a hell lot of gore, is vengeance. If you think thats not your cup of tea, or you can’t quite serve it right where you mean to, maybe looking for reputable casinos instead of jumping at the first popup that appears, is a good idea. What we learn from the Timberlake, Ben Affleck, Gemma Arterton, Anthony Mackie starrer shiny Hollywood flick is, it doesn’t hurt to play safe. Yes, the movie received some negative critic reviews, and didn’t gross the best at the box office, but it comes with its lessons. Lesson one would be to look for good online casinos before getting started.

Writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien didn’t exactly do a brilliant job with the script but the bikinis, exotic locations, deep dark personalities, all the violence, and an unmistakable sense of curiosity is what kept the viewers hooked. To be honest, all that need not be everybody’s cup of tea. Too much gore, too much sex onscreen, and too obvious plot expectations is the perfect combination for a major put off.

So, while everybody is busy working hard to make their way to the top, you can get there quicker if you, quite literally, play your cards right. The first thing you will need to do is not mess up your Wall Street career so that you don’t have to depend on online gambling referrals to fund your education. The second thing you need to do is have enough courage to look for some good online casinos that will actually help you with a fortune instead of setting you on a roller coaster ride of anxiety, loss, victory, and unfathomable mathematical calculations to determine your future.