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Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

Annabel Chong (whose real name is Grace Quek) has a degree from the University of Southern California, loves her parents, maintains ties to her native Singapore, and once fucked 251 men over a ten-hour period. Shattering the old mark held by an Amsterdam sex worker (who is it that keeps these records, anyway?), Chong nearly didn’t make her goal as cuts and abrasions threatened to end the gang bang, but she remained a fighter and wrapped it up, appropriately enough, with porn legend Ron Jeremy. Throughout the ordeal, Chong stayed passionate, orgasmic, and just a little bit nutty. But she did this all for us so that she could prove to the world that women also love sex and can take control of their lives. At least that is what she argues in her asides, for Chong has academic ambitions, coupled with her hard feminist ideals that attempt to counter the myth of the passive female.

Sex is a spirited tale of orgies, porn, and the ever-elusive “triple penetration” (which Chong claims to have successfully mastered). To that point, how does one take two cocks in the ass at the same time? While we never see on-camera evidence, I for one believe Chong’s claims. She might be slightly off-kilter and perhaps a bit damaged, but I’d never call her a liar (at least on this point). Between the shots of screwing and screaming, we hear snippets from such legends as Al Goldstein and Jeremy, who MC’d the event, as well as “closed” the show. We also hear from Chong’s mother (who remains ignorant of Chong’s career until the end of the film), a few friends, and even some former professors. One instructor even relates the talent he noticed in Chong’s writing. And I have no doubt that in her own way, Chong is challenging societal taboos with her sexual escapades. Or whatever.

Chong is on shaky ground, however, when she visits London and recalls a past “rape.” As she tells it, she met a young man on the subway, took him to a filthy alley, and proceeded to have sex. More men joined the party and she willingly took on all comers. It sounded like an impromptu sex party, not a traumatic sexual assault. She provides no evidence (verbal or otherwise) for her claim, and I’m not sure why the whole episode was included in the film. Were the filmmakers attempting to link her later orgy with a horrible incident from her past? Is it assumed, then, that the only women who enjoy sex with multiple partners are victims? I simply do not believe the rape allegation and prefer to focus on Chong’s central theme; that a woman can reach empowerment by wading through an endless line of hairy-backed, pot-bellied strangers while receiving a new cock every 2.3 minutes.

January 19, 1995, then, is truly a historic day in the annals of sex work. The record has since been broken (twice, in fact the record is 620 men), but Chong was there first. In the end, despite attempts to leave the sex industry, she returns to the world of sex, if only because she has acquired no other skills along the way. But things could be worse — Chong is a state-of-the-art fellatrix, a self-described lover of anal, and has the sort of vagina that can take any punishment that can be dished out. She’ll do just fine for herself. While some might find the documentary “disturbing” and “sad,” I put aside all such moralistic pronouncements and celebrate a true immigrant’s tale; a woman who found her bliss and survived despite the odds. Fine, she was cheated out of at least $10,000 by crooked smut peddlers, but, at this time, still appears to be working, something that millions of others cannot say in this Bush economy. And I simply must admire any woman who can take 250 loads on her back, ass, and tits; pounded from behind, from the side, and on top; a woman soaked, fatigued, and nearly broken, who can still receive the Hedgehog like a tender mother. Now that’s class.



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