Comfortable and Furious

The Doom Generation

As an example of all the cinematic terror unleashed by Quentin Tarantino in the 1990s, no film approached this atrocity in terms of pure incompetence. Painfully self-conscious, smug, and hipper-than-thou (I am unaware of another film so desperate to include references to pop culture), the film seems to exist solely as an exercise in style as any pretense of story or characterization is quickly abandoned.

For those who insist on plot details, the story consists of the umpteenth variation on the “road movie.” Fleeing the restrictions of their hopeless existence, three pathetic excuses for human beings take to the open road, having group sex, committing violent acts, and engaging in mundane banter along the way. Despite the dangerous atmosphere and “exciting” premise, at no time does anything resembling human speech or behavior occur. These are mere constructions of a debased, juvenile screenplay; arguably the worst of its kind ever penned.

While objecting to a film’s “morality” is beneath an objective, open-minded reviewer, I must insist that this film is offensive in every way imaginable to the human mind. From the dialogue to the direction, this film reveals a basic lack of understanding of the craft of filmmaking. The acting is atrocious; these actors seem awe-struck by the camera and are unable to give convincing line deliveries. The film has an overall “cheap” quality, almost as if the film was made on someone’s lunch break as an afterthought.

If there is a message to this mess, it seems to be that in a world without hope or meaning, one is entitled to murder, rob, rape, pillage, and exploit weakness. As interesting as that philosophical position might be in a film of nobility, it is handled here with all the sophistication of a high school debate. Instead of presenting deep moral questions, this film skips right to the answers, albeit cheaply and without insight. The result is vulgar, unappealing, dull, and wholly insignificant. My vote for the worst film of the nineties, quite possibly of all time.

Ruthless Fun Fact:

This is the first review ever submitted to Ruthless Reviews by the now infamous Matt Cale. Feared lost, the review resurfaced during a discussion concerning the worst movies of all time. No, you cannot submit reviews to Ruthless for the simple reason that there is no way you will be as cruel and intelligent as Matt. Really.