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Top 10 Movies About University You Need to Watch to Be Prepared to Student Life

When school comes to an end, most young people begin to dream and even idealize student life. Someone feels on the eve of new acquaintances and parties, someone worries about the adaptation to a new community, and someone worries that getting a diploma may be too difficult. However, to get a little closer to this new world, you can watch several films that perfectly reflect the problems that interest many applicants. Below you will find the top 10 films about the university.

American Pie

This cult comedy is becoming relevant for everyone who graduates from high school and stands on the eve of the college doors. A group of guys is worried that there is no sexual experience behind their backs, and in the eyes of college students and peers, they seem like an outcast. But this is not the only problem, as the guys are very shy and not so popular among the girls.

The main characters have less than a month to make their plans come true. The desire to achieve the goal is accompanied by several hilarious situations, and in the pursuit of the desired, they get into many troubles. The main characters become the laughing stock of the whole school, but that doesn’t stop them on their way. Despite the fact that the film is teeming with vulgar (and still funny, even 20 years later) jokes, this comedy is about growing up, love, and college friendship that have lifelong value.

EuroTrip (2004)

This is a classic American comedy about guys who are no longer schoolchildren, but not yet college students. Their journey becomes the school of life before the start of the school year. It all started with the fact that the main character wanted to learn German and found himself a pen pal.

However, he did not know that his interlocutor was a stunning girl from Germany. Then Scott decided that it was still a joke, he was communicating with the boy and decided to cut off the communication. But then this misunderstanding becomes clear, and the only way to make peace with beauty is a trip to Germany. For this, the main character gathers a crazy company and sets off on an awesome tour.

Easy A (2010)

Olive did not strive to become popular and be the main beauty of the school. Her main goal was to get a good certificate and enter a prestigious college. But everything turned upside down at that moment when Olive decided to lie to her friend about the intimate experience.

This news instantly spreads throughout the school, and the life of an excellent student changes instantly. However, such popularity is not favorable for Olive, and every day at school becomes hell. But she does not pay attention to gossip, adds fuel to the fire, and becomes the number one subject of all discussions. What will an excellent student do to save her reputation?

Legally Blonde (2001)

It’s about a typical blonde who is eager to marry an ambitious boyfriend. She prepares for an evening where her boyfriend will propose to her. Everything seems to be going well. However, the ambitious guy was not going to marry Elle but only wanted to break off the relationship. All this because the glamorous blonde does not fit into the role of the wife of a successful lawyer.

Elle becomes depressed but then decides that she should graduate from Harvard as well. Everyone around Elle is shocked by her decision, but the wheel of fortune smiles at her. She becomes a Harvard student, but this path is full of thorns. However, the desire to return the ex-boyfriend completely changes her life, and in the end, the achieved results were worth the effort.

The Social Network (2010)

This film reveals a painful topic for the modern world – the topic of copyright. But it is also a story about how an ordinary student became a billionaire thanks after offering his fellow students a safe online place to get acquainted with the girls. This film is the story of the creation of such a famous network as Facebook. Behind the success of this social network was ordinary student Mark Zuckerberg.

The overwhelming success changed the lives of ordinary students at Harvard University. In just a few years, they became multimillionaires. However, this movie is not only about money and success, but also about friendship and human meanness.

Van Wilder (2001)

College is not only about boring studies and the desire to get a diploma. College is a universe of all kinds of fun. The main character lives by the last rules of life, and for six whole years, he does not leave the walls of the college. The thing is that he can’t get a diploma and he stays for the second year. All this because he is the host of all college parties and is the undisputed king of fun.

But everything tends to end, and the father of the protagonist decides to cut off all finances and finish his son’s entertainment (I mean education). Now the main character will have to look for money on his own to graduate from college and get a diploma. A meeting with a beautiful girl changes his life and helps him make the right choice.

Dead Poets Society (1989)

This is the best film that tells about the life of freshmen. The film is set in a college where the stereotype of the ideal teacher is perfectly embodied. An extraordinary teacher of literature comes to a closed private college who, thanks to his personal passion for the subject, managed to introduce young students to poetry.

At the same time, poetry and a teacher will help young students go through difficult periods of life. By the way, this film opened a poetry collection of Walt Whitman for two generations at least.

The Riot Club (2014)

One of the most interesting parts of student life is the student life in the dormitory. This is the period of life when students get a breath of free air, and the so-called school of life begins. This film is about a student club, which only children of successful parents get into.

This club is known to everyone since there are no prohibitions in it, and there is no control from parents. Noisy parties in bars attract the hearts of young and spoiled handsome guys. The taste of power gives courage to young people, and they do things that they will later begin to regret.

Damsels in Distress (2011)

This is a comedy about four enterprising girls who decided to change the lives of students of a not very favorable university. The girls are so different, but they decide to create a center for helping freshmen who find it difficult to adapt to the university.

However, the girls’ good intentions are threatened. The appearance of adorable guys on the horizon jeopardizes the goals of the girls. Moreover, falling in love endangers the relationships of the entire four.

Life of the Party (2018)

Many say that student time is the best period in life in which you want to return. The main character of this film becomes subject to such an opportunity. Deanna misses her daughter who went to college, remembers her student life, and begins to regret that she could not finish her studies due to her pregnancy. But now nothing prevents her from becoming a student one more time and finally getting a diploma.

The Final Words

The films described above will help you to plunge a little into a completely new world. But remember, a university film is just a movie. Your student reality may be completely different but the main thing is not to forget about your primary goal and keep a smart balance between studies and entertainment.

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