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Demons in the air -or- Why movies suck and wokism is everywhere

Demons in the Air: Why Movies Suck, Wokism is Everywhere, Your Company is Sponsoring a Gay Pride Parade Even Though It Makes Swizzle Sticks and (finally!) Who’s Responsible?

[Imagine flying through clouds in clear black and white while a comforting southern voice narrates] 

There is a demon that lives in the air. This demon calls itself DEI, some call him ESG, but they’re the same. He lives high in corporate buildings, in the corner offices, where no one can get at him. If you try your career will freeze up, all your work and all your money fall away, you begin to spin out, fast, to the ground, and you’ll disintegrate. No one knew the witch behind the demon, that is, till they started asking the right questions and the witch made himself known. Now we know. Now we can fight. And there’s nothing they can do to hide it.

That’s how I imagine the beginning of a non-existent movie describing why movies suck, and the hopeful crawl out of the artless mire in which we find ourselves.

I wrote an article here about the ‘modern audience’ and how she (I included a stock photo of a putrid blue-hair to represent that collective) was the source of why movies suck. It’s still worth a read, but it lacked scope, in it was the naive assumption that studio execs believed she was actually real and catered to her in the delusion that she was somehow more representative of their customer base.

Truth is, they were pretending to believe it so we would believe they weren’t pretending. That’s even more confusing, isn’t it? Okay, I’ll put it like this: she was a canard, a cover, used to conceal the real motivation for making shit and ruining our movie going lives.

What ‘real motivation’, you ask. You made it quite clear, the executive class in Hollywood are misinformed troglodytes, irrational, drunk on wokeness to the point of self-inflicted poverty. 

But they aren’t. I kick myself for not seeing  it, for underestimating the situation, for an interpretation that was street-level, refusing to believe there was an esoteric truth just under the coke-addled surface. So, I reform my opinion, the execs may be in full spiritual support of the woke nonsense they crowbar into every narrative, but they are not irrational. They are slaves. Willing and, in a way, jubilant slaves, but slaves. Thralls. To a demon.

” Your to-do list on future projects, gentlemen: George Washington is now Black. Thomas Jefferson is from Peru  (plays a pan flute). Let’s see, Superman’s already a fag…oh! Santa Claus, gay gangbang with the elves, but don’t shove it in the South’s face. You know, subtle”.

We keep wondering how these artless monsters keep getting away with it, don’t they have shareholders? aren’t they beholden to them? don’t they ultimately decide what these shot-callers do? But you’re making a mistake, the mistake I made, you say ‘shareholders’ as if the shares are held by mid-western geriatrics who are gosh-darn-tootin’-anyhoot mad that their stocks don’t show a return. This is an ancient and unrealistic image of American private equity. Those aren’t shareholders. And for the few like that who actually exist all one needs is to listen to the annual shareholders meeting of any studio (on YouTube you can listen to last years’ Disney shareholder meeting wherein the rare voice of concern is batted away like a horsefly by a very distracted Bob Iger) to realize how unbeholden the studio brass actually is to the cash-in-a-coffee-can class of investor.

They own shit.

Even Bob Iger, who is the largest individual shareholder of Disney by virtue of undeserved stock options and, might I opine, executive graft—owns only .78 of one percent of the public shares. (I say ‘only’ but think about how much money that is, owning nearly 1 percent of Disney is like owning a  dividend-producing stake in the color Blue…or all of a minor human emotion, like ‘ennui’ –every Sunday afternoon when you sit alone wondering where your youth went, Bob Iger gets a nickel.)

When Walt Disney died Mickey received several of his favorite hunting guns and  a letter on whose envelope was scrawled “Do not open until there’s a Puerto Rican Snow White” in Disney’s famous script.”

So, who owns it? The bulk, the vast majority, the ‘shot-caller-quotient’ if you will, who is Bob Iger beholden to?

New Glossary Entry: ‘Institutional Investor’. Definition: A holding company who manages mutual funds and creates those funds for it’s own customers by buying huge swaths of other companies and selling shares to investors in the aggregate.

Mutual funds are made up of fifty or so stocks, carefully curated and selected for slow, stable growth, about 6% percent a year, which is a decent return if you’re going long-term like in a retirement account. The appeal is stability, cross-sector security, whether the economy is up or down, you can almost be assured that a good fund will get between 4 and 12% each year.

Remember these names: Black Rock. Vanguard. State Street.

These are the companies that have made the last twenty years of cinema into wholesale rhino sputum.

Now, remember these names: Charles Schwab.  George Soros. Larry Finke. These cocksuckers not only made the above investors fuck American movies all- to-holy-hell, but are the reason you can’t say ‘A man is not a woman’ on social media without getting your assets frozen. The Demons, ladies and gentlemen, living in the air.

I want this article to be concise, a kind of Cliffs Notes of the situation to inspire further study, but I have the same problem being concise on this issue as you did when your mother asked “What’s Game of Thrones about, anyway?” [Deep sigh]

We’ll start with the demons—Wait, no, that’s, like, Season Four—we’ll start with the Houses in which these demons dwell.

They are: The UN. The Open Society Institute.  The World Economic Forum. Black Rock.

By the way, in this Version of GOT, every house are The Lannisters. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a collection of globalist euro-trash whose raison ‘d’etre is to ‘plan economies’ (nauseated yet?) they hard-shouldered their way into influence by bossing around brown countries to get them in lockstep, when that was accomplished they turned their eyes to the white kids (and that one quiet Asian everybody cheats off of). The WEF had a problem, how does one make the first world conform to the globalist agenda and submit it’s sovereignty to some future panel of a pan-national bloodrinkers yet to be announced. They couldn’t do it politically, so they decided to do it economically.

Enter Charles Schwab; Demon name: Pustulous the Infernal.

Author, financial czar  and renowned gourmet, his books range from how to destroy whole civilizations using the international banks, the best ways to prepare and eat kittens and the joys of day sailing.

Founder of the WEF, he’s written books describing his philosophy and where he wants the world to go, with the companies, including ALL parent companies of ALL Hollywood studios, and their MAJOR SHAREHOLDERS (remember, no coffee can, stick with me).

That way is called ESG (Environment, Social Awareness, Governance [Christ, I hate that word]). This is why they replaced your desk lamp with a halogen eye-burner that makes you see ringlets by the end of the day (E), why white men aren’t promoted despite performance, your office holds a Tribute to Harvey Milk every June, and four times a year you have to listen to a race hustler command you to check one of your myriad privileges (S).What about the (G)? Well, that’s spending corporate funds to support candidates who’ll enshrine the first two letters in law.

You have to apply for membership in the WEF and boy-howdy, all the Fortune 500s were wearing their club jacket before you asked yourself ‘why are all the new managers transgender racial minorities in wheelchairs? Weird, huh, Sal? …Where’s Sal?” Charles Schwab (Pustulous) has made no bones about his agenda, let’s peruse a quote or two from this lovely gentleman:

“Every country must participate, every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.”(…hmm…somebody’s a morning person.)“You’ll own nothing and be happy.”(What’s German for ‘You’ll suck my chode and swallow the gravy.”?)Now, here’s the rub, pay close attention, because he just reinvents the goal of human enterprise with one flick of his scaly finger: 

“A system in which corporations are oriented to serve the interests of all of their ‘stakeholders’, (Author’s note: READ THAT WORD AGAIN) […]the stake (That part of the word.) holders are customers, suppliers, shareholders and local communities. Under this system a company’s purpose is to create (Yes? Create what?) long term value (Oh, like money?) and not to maximize profits (uh…) or enhance shareholder value (um…)at the cost of other stakeholder groups. (Wha-?!)”

And he chases it with this: “WEF has been a proponent of this model, emphasizing a move away from short-term shareholder value…”

Yeah, he means ‘profit’. Fuck your 401k grandpa,  we’ve got other ‘stake holders’ besides you, you know, you who finance everything with your pittance. 

Okay. Next House. The UN. Breakdown: The UN runs The World Bank, the World Bank can vote to lower or raise the flow of cash into countries or business…yes! The UN takes your money and loans it to businesses who meet their ‘requirements’. No business wants to compete against other businesses who have World Bank backing if they don’t, it’s a mad scramble on Wall Street to suck up to this phony cabal of nothingburgers.

We at the World Bank have a passion, not only for business, but for world equity and peace through liquidity and, of course, a mephistophelean urge  to control the globe and warp it into something unrecognizable while you watch helplessly. The World Bank. Taunting you with your own insignificance since 1972. “

So the WEF, and all their members, have this ESG idea, but how do they get everybody to come along? Simple, they enlist the help of NGOs.

New Glossary Entry: “Non-Governmental Organization”. Definition: A non-profit org without official political foundation (that means ‘unelected’, it does not mean ‘not involved with government or receiving money from government’ because they so are and they so do).

Powerful, sympathetic NGOs like The Open Society Foundation or The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were courted by Davos (the city in Switzerland where WEF is located) to plunge the UN’s head in the toilet until they agreed to promote a protocol for institutional investors to incorporate ESG. The scheme was called PSI. A six point plan to make Schwaub’s ESG go viral.

Six  points (paraphrased):

1.  You must invest in companies whose businesses align with some point of ESG (wind farms etc.)

2: You must invest in companies that have a high ESG score in general.

3. You must make sure everybody knows that the reason you did or didn’t invest in their company was due to their ESG score.

4. You must pressure managers to adopt ESG in their own investment analysis”, that is : “We forced you, now you force everyone you do business with.”

5: You must make sure adoption of ESG isn’t just show, incorporate ESG into every aspect of your daily business practice (your office operations and corporate by-laws).

6. Even if you do business with small vendors and suppliers, also with your employees, make sure to push ESG down their gullet so it becomes part of their very DNA.

And there you have it. In no time 3000 institutional investors and major corporate concerns signed on to PRI. The investment companies that knuckled under represented a whopping FORTY. TRILLION DOLLARS. of capital. Significant, you know, since the entire gross domestic product of the United States is only 14 Trillion. 

The mask is torn off of the demons, now they are exposed.

The Demons (other than Claus Schwab): George Soros. 32 billion of this old bastard’s money has been spent creating this nightmare, though he’s mercifully close to kakking, his son, Alex, is the only one of five kids that he trusts to carry on the world-fucking started by their father. More radically leftist than his brothers (one was a political moderate George didn’t want anywhere near his money, the other is a sculptor hiding away trying to forget he’s the son of a reptilian chud that destroyed whole nations with one sulfur-scented belch).The Open Society Institute is now under his control, a new demon for a new globalist era.

Larry Finke: CEO of Black Rock, this bastard functionally owns 22% of Disney and just about everything else. If Schwab had a lieutenant it’s Larry Finke. He’s the hard nose that makes the call. Why isn’t there a Puerto Rican Cinderella yet? *ring*ring* Larry would like to know.

Bill Gates: I don’t know what kind of Star Trek ear-maggot crawled into this guy’s brain but he and his money have been thralls of the New World Order for twenty years. He took some time off from arranging the mass extinction of undesirables to help Schwab with his little project. 

Amnesty International/Deutsche Bank/Ing/ Ford Foundation/ the Rockafellers: a cluster of infernals pushing the agenda of their immediate superiors, like Screwtape to Wormwood, they are in constant contact with Davos getting their marching orders and doing the street level enforcement of this clusterfuck on a daily basis.

Still, there are signs of resistance. Congress voted on, but failed to pass, a bill outlawing ESG as a mandatory investment requirement. This would effectively scuttle the entire project in the United States but not the world. It would, however, have immediate effect on movies, as the ball-crushing threat of a low ESG score would be lifted from Hollywood producers.

In possibly the first real win for the anti-ESG/DEI resistance (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion…what ESG is called in the corporate conference rooms) Bob Iger has recently admitted that it was ESG that gutted Disney’s stock price (30% in three years) and it was DEI that severed the last fibers of brand loyalty that strained to keep the whole Disney boat moored to it’s customer base. 

DEI: Making the  sputteringly insane an ever-present facet of your life.” 

The greatest protection ESG has is the same demons have, they are only effective when people don’t believe they exist and add up radical changes in their life to ‘the inevitable’. So don’t say, when the bi-curious Optimus Prime makes his appearance, that it’s just the ‘way of the world’ or the ‘arc of history’, NO! It is the jaundiced machinations of rich twats hell bent on control, not giving a damn about what monuments they burn or what culture they despoil all in the name of a vague utopian jerk-fantasy they discussed in the day room freshman year.

Take this and know it, because knowing is half the battle. 

Yo Joe!

(Newsflash: I just heard Cobra Commander in now ‘gender fluid’, so, uh, you know, half the battle ain’t all the battle, so…for chrissaakes call your congressman!)

yo. joe.





7 responses to “Demons in the air -or- Why movies suck and wokism is everywhere”

  1. John Welsh Avatar
    John Welsh

    BC, you must consume the novels of Taylor Caldwell with the same passion Jefferson studied Montesquieu. That combined with Fox News (sic) has the effect of a lengthy stay in the Pumpkin Patch sipping that Bug Juice.

    Get a grip, son. Members of my family have employment records going back to the 1950s and ending just a few years ago, so I can assure you what Disney does is connected to what make that Evil Empire money and nothing else. Take a chill-pill.

    1. Goat Avatar

      I sent Bart a notification via email of your reply

    2. Bart Cobb Avatar
      Bart Cobb

      This isn’t a theory, the chain of causality is very real and its effects are very real.
      Don’t know who Taylor Caldwell is and I don’t own a TV (but why did you say [sic] after ‘Fox News;? isn’t it spelled ‘Fox News’?

      To be straight, you have relatives with employment records …at…Disney?– since the fifties?

      Well, then I’d like to know in what capacity they were employed that got them such high octane inside-baseball so as to negate this revelation, these are executives, your family?

      Because Bog Iger just gave away the whole bag o’rats and Larry Finke is so scared of the curtain being pulled back he went on what would count as a tirade about racists attacking his precious ESG. Then went on another when that bill in congress floored. ( I say ‘tirade’ in a ‘CEO sense’, which in practical terms means a ‘low grumble to three reporters in the lobby of Deutsche Bank’).

  2. Gout Master Avatar
    Gout Master

    Reading back through some classic Ruthless rants and stumbled on this.

    What the fuck is this schizo, purple, thesaurus-fucking, solipsistic dogshit. I remember this style from the blog of the most sexless loser in first year philosophy class.
    Get it together, Columbine.

    1. Goat Avatar

      Hey, feel free to submit something to if you think Bart is too prolix.

      1. B.C. Avatar

        That would require some narrative talent and the ability NOT to come off as a menstruating co-ed mad at her boyfriend.

    2. Bart Cobb Avatar
      Bart Cobb

      ‘Purple’ is more than fair, ‘solipsistic’ goes by another word and that is ‘gonzo’ wherein the writer makes himself a character, also arguably fair, I don’t own a thesaurus so when I need a synonym I just make it up–so ‘thesaurus-fucking’ I take issue with.
      I’m very good at taking criticism but there’s a reason why yours is ‘dogshit’, I believe your beef isn’t with my style, but my content. You might believe that I’ve argued with people my whole life, and the only one that compare something to ‘sexless losers’, ‘first year philosophy’ students and the Columbine are never angry at the METHOD something is delivered, but are always trying to find street-level problems to justify their true complaint, WHAT YOU ARE SAYING not HOW.
      I’m grateful for your comment because such emotion tells me I hit the mark, and since the mark was the center body mass of DEI stormtroopers and the ignorant masses that allow them to function, your rage is butter on my biscuit. Thank You.

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