Comfortable and Furious

The rediscovery of home pleasures

The long months of lockdown have produced noticeable effects on the souls of many people, particularly those who are more sensitive to upheavals and unexpected changes. The most obvious effects, instead of showing themselves immediately, have waited for months, in some cases even a year or more, silently settling in a hidden corner of people’s souls and waiting for the right moment to germinate, as if it were a seed secretly planted in people’s minds.

External changes, i.e. Those that heavily conditioned the social life of individuals, manifested themselves with incredible vehemence, suddenly and unexpectedly, producing anxiety, bewilderment and an irrepressible feeling of anguish. It is also for this reason that many people, especially younger ones, decided to turn to specialists, especially psychiatrists, seeking external support for the management of a phase of change that came suddenly, and for which they were not at all prepared.

A phase of major changes 

We are not just referring to organizational changes, such as those that have affected learning and training methods in most schools (such as distance learning, or examinations taken with the support of modern software for organizing meetings and gatherings between people, such as Zoom). We are also talking about social changes, which over the past two years have profoundly changed the daily routine and the very structure of individual existence of many people, especially young people, who have been forced to give up afternoons and evenings in the company of their friends and loved ones. Instead of spending their evenings in bars, restaurants and clubs, thus giving themselves a well-deserved break from the stress accumulated during the entire week, many people have locked themselves indoors, indulging in the unhealthy use of their devices and the continuous viewing of TV programs, especially TV series and shows broadcasted on platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. 

In this way, people gradually became accustomed to a more sedentary lifestyle, much less dynamic than before, content to spend most of their time with their favorite entertainment methods, almost always linked to the use of a smartphone or tablet. As the months went by, the anxiety over this sort of enforced seclusion systematically turned into an excuse to appreciate more the home, one’s domestic nest, which during the most complex months of the global pandemic represented the only refuge one could rely on. 

The desire to enjoy home 

On the one hand, therefore, the global pandemic seems to have ignited a strong desire for rebirth, pushing people out of their homes and returning them to everyday life. On the other hand, it has significantly intensified the relationship between people and their homes, prompting many people to shell out considerable amounts of money for furnishing their rooms, renovating certain areas, or even simply for some sort of structural adjustment linked to the new work requirements imposed by smart working. There is an increasingly clear tendency to enjoy one’s home to a much greater extent than before, if only for the pleasure of having friends and guests to spend an evening with again.

Rediscovering the home, from this point of view, can also be a good opportunity to dust off some old habits that you had almost completely abandoned, such as the enjoyment of board games. If you don’t know how to spend your evenings with friends, or if you are bored of the usual films or TV series to watch together on the sofa, we suggest that you bring back the old boxes of board games, to which you can indulge with all the carefreeness of this world. An evening spent in front of a game like Risk, for example, is a guarantee of absolute and prolonged fun (even for several hours). 

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To find real fun, you don’t necessarily have to leave the house: sometimes, you just need to invite the right person, or indulge in the discovery of all the incredible potential enclosed in our luminous devices.