Prepare To Watch The Story Unfold With Video Slots

Video Slots offer a different variation to your classic online casino game. These games are arguably the most entertaining of the slot game genre – they’re often centered around a storyline that will come to life using various animations. These animations frame the game, so you can be amazed at the screen, while you enjoy the actual gameplay.

With a variety of Paddy Power’s online Slots to choose from, here are a selection of video Slots to play if you enjoy getting into a good story, or you just love the animations of a game.

Travel back in time

Go back in time with this retro video slot game, which takes on the traditional fruit machine. Hot Slot features one pay line, and two special reels that can potentially reward you with some amazing bonuses


Featuring a simplistic take on an online game, this is great for anyone who is just beginning to explore the world of video Slots. With neon visuals and ’80s sound effects, taking you back to when real-life fruit machines were rising in popularity, this game gives it a modern spin.

With five reels altogether, reel four can activate free spins or multipliers if you spin successfully on the first three reels. This could even activate reel five, which will show one of many special reel five symbols.

Which special symbol will you activate?

Become a Wild Nord

If you fancy more of a storyline, Wild Nord could be the perfect choice for you! Hosting a mythological themed story, follow the warrior and beast on their adventure.

Playing on five reels, three rows and 20 pay lines, become familiar with the range of animals involved. Look out for the high paying symbols that appear in the form of eagle crests, bears, and so much more.

The Nords gather their power from the beasts, utilizing them to the best of their abilities. So, when a Nord wild lands on the reel, it will transform its animal symbol into a wild too!

What’s at the end of the rainbow?

Being one of the most popular video slot games, it just had to be included. Rainbow Riches consists of five reels and 20 fixed pay lines, and is so iconic, due to the simplicity of the game.

With the Irish theme running through the game, the symbols reflect this. It features four-leaf clovers and leprechauns, but what makes the game even more exciting is the bonus games.

Meet the leprechaun on the rolling hills of Ireland. There will be a variety of pots of gold spinning around him – whichever one lands when they stop spinning will be applied to your stake. They range in numbers, so which one will you land on?

The simplest bonus game involves three wishing wells, where you will have to choose one to reveal a certain multiplier that will instantly add to your original stake. You can achieve up to 500x your original wager! 

With three games to start you off, there’s much more to explore online. Have a go at playing these video slots, potentially try something new, and activate a new story!

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