The 7 Types of Addicts You Meet Working in a Pharmacy

I Spilled My Meds Down the Sink (odd how this never happens with antibiotics), My Meds Got Stolen, You Must Have Miscounted,

7 True Crimes That Deserve To Be Ripped From The Headlines

The greatest true crime TV episodes never made.

Sitting Ducks: The Law & Order Franchise and You

McCoy is a disgrace to the TV-lawyer profession, let alone the real one.

Southern Comfort Movie Reivew

Film Title

Southern Comfort


No, The Swamp Thing isn’t in it, but it’s pretty good anyway.


Walter Hill


Keith Carradine
Powers Boothe
Fred Ward
T. K. Carter
Franklyn Seales

Resurrected for a new generation.

Hamlet 2000

Film Title

Hamlet (2000)


Hamlet sulks and preens about rich kid problems.


Michael Almereyda


Ethan Hawke
Kyle MacLachlan
Bill Murray
Liev Schrieber
Diane Vanora
Julia Stiles
Steve Zahn
Karl Geary

  A couple of years ago, I was flipping through Netflix and came across Hamlet (2000), which stars, of all people, Ethan Hawke as Hamlet. Hamlet was always my least favourite of the Bardís plays–and over the course of my life, Iíve been dragged to see many. Live, and on film. A bit bored, I […]

Criminal Minds Review

A criminal defense attorney lawyersplains why Criminal Minds is televisions best comedy.

4 Ruthless Life Tips For Women

Grow a fucking spine, get a fucking life, be fucking careful, and tell any men who…