Wake In Fright: a.k.a. Outback

Film Title

Wake In Fright


Toxic masculinity


Ted Kotcheff


Gary Bond
Donald Pleasence
Chips Rafferty
Sylvia Kay
Jack Thompson

Toxic masculinity. It’s a term bandied around by Nancy-boy progressives designed to make pumped-up, no-nonsense guys think twice about their actions. Bollocks, I say. What’s wrong with piling into a battered Ford with your mullet-headed mates and screeching round corners at breakneck speed while yelling abuse at passersby? Are you seriously saying I don’t have […]

Ten Memorable Acts Of Violence In Movies

Growing up in 1980’s Britain with the video nasties scare, I implicitly absorbed movie violence was bad and if I watched enough I’d eventually take an axe to random passersby. Now while this proved unfortunately true in my case, most people remain unaffected. In fact, someone like you has probably already forgotten hundreds, if not […]

Top 10 Movies Not To Watch Before…

Some movies are so bland they pretty much leave your head as the end credits roll. Others contain such unnerving scenes… like the opening of Jaws … that they are never forgotten. The horrifying death of that helpless skinny dipper is the perfect example of how a movie can worm its way into your brain […]