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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil products for pets have become all the rage, pet owners from all over the world are trying different tinctures and edibles to help their furry friends cope with symptoms caused by medical conditions. 

When you buy these products from credible and passionate online dispensers, you are guaranteed a quality that meets the highest of standards. It is safe to include these supplements into your pet’s daily diet to encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle. You can visit  for more information on different kinds of pet products infused with CBD.

If you don’t know anything about CBD and why it’s popping up around every corner, read along. 

What Is CBD Oil? 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found within the cannabis plant. It shouldn’t be confused with THC-infused products. THC is also a compound found within the cannabis plant and is responsible for the psychoactive results when smoked. Many people smoke or eat THC-infused products for recreational purposes. THC isn’t safe for pet consumption and any dispensary should be able to prove that their products doesn’t contain any THC. 

Recently, manufacturers and researchers have found a way to extract CBD from cannabis, to use the compound for its medicinal properties. Therefore, eliminating the presence of THC and removing the ‘high’ effect it has on the user. CBD isn’t responsible for psychoactive results and is completely safe for pets to digest. 

Through different extraction methods, with CO2 being the most popular and highest quality, an oil is created. This oil can be adjusted to be added into a pet’s diet as well as a human’s diet.

How Does it Work? 

Just like humans, pets have an endocannabinoid system running through their bodies. This system produces natural cannabinoids that then connects with a series of receptors. Once cannabinoids connect with receptors, they can regulate different functions within the body. Functions like stress, anxiety, mood, memory, appetite, and pain regulators. 

THC and CBD are a cannabinoid and therefore both have an effect on the body when they are digested into the endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiols, though, functions only with the parts of the body that does not cause a drug-like effect. 

When we, or our pets, digest CBD oils we help our endocannabinoid system to produce more cannabinoids. Therefore, our bodies are assisted to reach homeostasis and balance. 

What Benefits Does It Hold? 

You may wonder what kind of medical condition’s symptoms do CBD oils actually help for? Well, because the endocannabinoid system is your furry friend’s 2nd largest neurotransmitter system, its healthy function influences many different bodily functions. 

It works with the digestive tract, brain, cardiovascular system, bones, and nervous system selectively. Here is a list of medical condition symptoms that Cannabidiols can help control: 


Because cannabidiols hold natural anti-inflammatory properties it causes great relieve from symptoms caused by arthritis. Pain and inflammation in joints can be treated by giving your dog a few oil drops every day. Watch this video of a pet owner testing hemp oil on their dog for a week and evaluate the results for yourself. 

Anxiety and Stress

Just like us, pets are also prone to anxiety and depression. Some pets, especially rescue pets who have been abused, are prone to separation anxiety or just depression in general. 

Giving your pet a few cannabidiol treats or oil drops will calm them down and help them cope with symptoms caused by separation anxiety and stress. Owners also turn to cannabidiol products when they go traveling or when there are any loud noises nearby. Pets who are prone to anxiety when there are fireworks or loud construction noises can also benefit from its calming effects. 

Cancerous Tumor

Although cannabidiol products can’t help cure a pet’s cancer, it has been proven that a few drops a day can stop the growth of tumors associated with certain tumors. Because cannabinoids strengthen the body’s immune system, it’s the body’s way of fighting against any illnesses. 


Cannabidiols were originally used in the creation of helping patients cope with the symptoms associated with epilepsy. Because it works and connects to different neurotransmitters it has been proven that CBD oil reduces the number of seizures a pet has. 

Even though research is still underway to further investigate the safe usage and specific effect CBD oil products have on pets with epilepsy, many owners have testified that they’ve seen a significant change in their dog’s health since using the product. 

Why Do Pet Owners Love CBD Oil Products?

This isn’t just a fad that will fade away in the future. Pet owners are flocking to online dispensaries because many of them have actually seen the results in different animals. Another great reason why people are choosing CBD oil products over prescribed medication is because it’s 100% natural and safe. 

No matter what kind of dog breed you own, CBD oil is a great alternative to chemically induced medication, to help your dog cope with debilitating symptoms caused by different medical conditions. 

Make sure that you buy cannabidiol oil products from passionate online dispensaries and shops. They should always be able to give you a detailed laboratory report of the ingredients used in their products as well as an outlined dosage guideline. 

Since these products are safe, there is no risk in trying them and assessing the results for yourself. It will help your pet cope with debilitating effects of medical conditions.