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Five Advantages of Casino Bonus Offers

Unlike brick-and-mortar gambling halls, online casino websites offer a plethora of incredible perks to their players. Besides being reachable anytime and anywhere, they provide innovative casino bonuses beyond simple free drinks during playtime. 

The abundance of gambling websites and their promotional offers makes it nearly impossible for players to pick only one offer. Instead, they visit sites like CasinoBloke, where the best online casino bonuses are listed. With sites like CasinoBloke, finding good bonuses is easy – but why search for them at all? What are the advantages of online casino bonus deals? Let’s discuss.

Free Rounds

One of the first things you will see when you enter a virtual gambling site is the sheer number of online slots. Slots, or colloquially known as ‘fruit machines’, are all the rage right now. Thousands of video slots populate gaming lobbies, and all online gamblers genuinely love them. 

To play online slots, you will need to pay for spins – but casinos have a solution for that. An offer only a handful of players can refuse is a free spins bonus, which lets you play slots for free. And for an average slot player, this opportunity is priceless.

A Chance to Play Games You Wouldn’t Know About

Another perk of using casino bonus offers is the introduction to new gaming material. Again, the number of casino games is constantly growing. Hence, players cannot keep track of the latest releases, especially if they are into slots. But that’s where bonuses come in handy. Gambling sites often link bonus offers to new games. 

Moreover, punters often lack ideas about what they want to play, so finding new games is akin to finding new music on YouTube – and bonuses are equal to recommended playlists. Promotions often include different game categories, including slots, live casino games and specialty games. If you are not feeling like gambling at classic tables, specialty games like sudoku which can boost your brainpower, could be a great option.

Experience Boost

The third advantage of claiming promo deals at gambling sites is the boost of entertainment. Playing games can get boring, even despite your efforts to explore the countless titles in the lobby. Promotions make it interesting. 

If you get a deal that includes playing certain games and competing against other players for a chance to win something big, the stakes are higher – and so is the adrenaline. Most of these promotions are, in fact, tournaments in which you compete for a chance to win free cash or free spins. Therefore, you get to play fun games and compete with other players, as well as potentially win extra spins and cash. Any way you look at it, it’s a superb way to jazz up the experience.

A Chance to Win Gifts Instead of Cash

Spins and cash are great, but they are not the only perks you get with bonuses. Often, the casinos will include a brilliant gift, such as tech stuff and gadgets. Some brands specialize in offering phones, speakers, and other electrical devices to their customers. 

Promo merchandise like backpacks, mugs, and T-shirts are often included in the mix as well. However, perhaps the biggest gift you can receive is not a phone or TV – although that’s great – but rather a car. There have been instances of punters scoring cars in lucky draws. One site even offered a Tesla Model 3 to the winner of the casino promotion.

Although spins and cash are popular worldwide, they are almost always limited to the website. You cannot take out spins from the casino, and most free cash bonuses are used on playing games in the lobby. Tangible gifts like gadgets are different because you can use them outside the website.

VIP Perks

The final perk is the VIP customer experience. VIP players, or players with deep pockets and great spending habits, are treated exclusively in the casino. This might not sound like something special, but they do get things other mortal punters do not. 

Better wagering requirements, bigger bonuses, and more spins/table chips are just some of the examples. It’s not rare to see a VIP trip to an exclusive event or a vacation for two. VIP bonuses are the key to luxury in the gambling world online. 


Bonuses are hard to pick because they are overabundant and ever-present. However, no one can deny the positive sides of claiming casino bonuses. Players get free cash, explore new games, enjoy exclusive perks, and play for free. A true gamer’s dream come true. 



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