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Happy Sniper’s Day

From the Editor: We get lots of mail, and hate mail too, which we love. Here is a response from a real military man that I thought would be worthy of publishing.

Guy D. McCardle, Jr. is the author of several articles on a wide variety of military related topics. Guy is a former Army Captain who spent 18 months deployed to a 100+ degree shitbox where savages tried to kill him on an almost daily basis. Upon returning home as a Wounded Warrior in August of 2004, this occurred somewhat less frequently. He has one confirmed kill with a KA-BAR.

This is in response to Matt Cale’s review of American Sniper

guy mccardle

We live in a country that recognizes a lot of really stupid shit. Did you know that January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day? Google it. It’s fuckin’ real. Pages of info on it. There are even greeting cards to celebrate the meth inspired insanity. What kind of liberal, tree hugging, patchouli wearing, white chick with dreads, out of work mother fucker thinks up that drivel? I’d like to sew their lips shut with penguin intestines so decent tax paying Americans never have to hear of such a thing again. Goddammit, you don’t even have to look for the stupidity anymore in this country, it comes right to you like an uninvited party guest.

The hell of it is, the good stuff about our country isn’t being recognized and taught to our children. The liberal press is just dying to try to slander the good name of American heroes like Chris Kyle. Isn’t it enough for you bastards that the man was shot in the back of the head and murdered in cold blood. I’m sure that gave most of you guys wet dreams for a week. Now the muckrakers at The Intercept are coming out and saying Kyle lied about having a second Silver Star, our nation’s third highest award for valor.

I’m sure someone over there had to break out a dictionary and look up the word, because they sure as shit have no idea of the concept of valor. For fucks sake, the man is dead. Quit kicking dirt on his headstone. His DD214 (the official record of a service member’s vital facts such as time in service, medals earned, date discharged) says he has 2 Silver Stars. Go find someone alive to pick on. Maybe his widow or kids are fair game.

Instead of goddamn penguins, Americans should give heroes like Kyle a recognition day of their own. Snipers like Chris Kyle saved hundreds of American lives in Iraq by killing savages who were trying to kill our guys. I know our troops weren’t real people to you, but they were to me. Each one of his kills deserved to die. They weren’t just out for a stroll in the park. You didn’t see how they took dead dogs and loaded them with high explosives, ball bearings, screws and bits of sharp bones with the tips dipped in feces. Why feces? Because when it penetrated our flesh we were likely to get a nasty infection and maybe die from that. They placed their dog bombs by the sides of the road as IEDs and waited for our convoys to come by before they detonated them remotely. Fuckers.

Because of Kyle, hundreds of wives got their husbands back and more boys and girls than you can count got their daddies back. He was a savior, literally perched on high with the power of life and death in his hands. He saved American lives day in and day out. The ugly reality, my Prius driving friends is that sometimes you have to take a life to save a life. And that is why, as soon as President Trump takes office, I’m going to petition the government to change January 20th to Chief Chris Kyle Remembrance Day. A statue in his honor should be erected somewhere on the National Mall in Washington DC.

We can take all of those old Penguin Awareness Day cards and have school children send them to Hillary Clinton in Jail. Fuck penguins, and Matt Fucking Cale



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