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How Online Casinos Keep Their Customers Loyal

Whilst you may remain loyal to your favorite chain of coffee shops or always seem to shop at the same supermarket or grocery store, when it comes to gambling online, many people are quite happy to swap and change the sites they gamble at.

It is extremely difficult for any online casino site operator to keep their players loyal to their site, due in no small part to the competition being so strong between all gambling related sites and with players having plenty of incentives to switch the ones they choose to play at.

As such, that has led to a whole host of new and unique initiatives being launched by many casino site owners in an attempt to not only get new customers flocking through their cyber doors but keeping them coming back for more, too.

In this guide I will take a look at how sites including Big Dollar Casino are successfully growing their player base and ensuring their players are never tempted to play and gamble anywhere else.

Bonuses and Player Reward Schemes

One sure fire way that any online casino owner or operator can ensure they get plenty of customers signing up is by offering a huge sign-up welcome bonus offer, and one that is designed as a deposit match bonus rather than a no deposit bonus.

By offering a bonus that is designed in such a way that a player gets 100% or even more of their initial deposit matched by bonus credits a player will then have a much larger starting bankroll and that will give them more ammunition so to speak to play the games they enjoy playing.

However, players are not stupid, and they know any bonus offer is only ever as good as the terms and conditions attached to them dictate, so there is a delicate balance to be made between offering a high valued bonus but one that a player has a fair chance of winning with.

The same can also be said for loyalty schemes, most casino sites offering a comp club which sees players earning points whenever they place a real money wager, and once they have amassed enough points, they can then exchange them for playing credits.

Players tend to stick to playing at sites that award them the higher number of points per wager placed and the ones that have a lower redemption rate too, as that way they get more credits when cashing in their accumulated points. 

Customizable Casino Game Tournaments

One quite imaginative way that casino operators are managing to keep some of their players loyal and get those players to bring in new customers to a casino site is by allowing them to configure their own unique casino game tournaments.

That is something poker sites have recently started to offer too, and as such if someone has a lot of friends or family members who enjoy taking part in for example slot tournaments at land-based casinos then when they play online, they can design their own slot tournaments too.

By doing so those players can set the entry fee and prize structure of their self-designed tournaments and invite whoever they wish to invite to take part in them as well. 

Refer a Friend Incentives

Getting rewarded for referring your friends and/or family members to sign up, deposit and play at a casino site has always been something anyone can do online, and many casinos therefore will offer a refer a friend bonus.

The only downside with such an offer is that savvy players have been able to abuse such a bonus deal, as they simply get their friends to sign up to one casino site, get rewarded with their bonus for doing so and then they and their friends simply move onto the next casino offering such a deal and repeat the cycle, then move onto the next casino and so on.

Stay Safe When Gambling Online

If you do decide to play at a real money casino site, then just be aware you could win or lose at such a site and the best way to ensure you never experience any gambling related problems when playing online is to set yourself a limit regarding how much you are prepared to lose at any casino.

By setting yourself for example a deposit limit you will never be able to spend more money than you initially were prepared to lose, so make sure that is something you always do when playing online as there will often be times you may feel like chasing your losses, and that is when gamblers tend to run into problems. 



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