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How to Apply for a New Zealand Passport Online

Why stand in long lines for your official proof of ID, when you could speed up the process by submitting an online application for your first New Zealand passport or a renewal. It doesn’t take long to receive your document, a standard procedure only lasts 10 days. But firstly, you should learn what information to include in your application for it to be successful.

List of Documents Required for a New Zealand Passport

It’s important to enter all information and documents correctly and in original to help the Home Affairs department sort everything out promptly.

To apply for a New Zealand passport you should submit the following (not limited to): 

  • Previous passport details OR
  • Certificate of identity or a refugee travel document
  • A birth certificate
  • A New Zealand digital passport photo
  • A witness
  • An identity referee
  • Document translations (for foreigners)

New Zealand Passport Photo Requirements 

An acceptable image is necessary for an application to be successful. It has to match the New Zealand immigration services conditions:

  • A photo must be digital and in color. Portrait, not a selfie
  • Taken in the last 6 months, representing your current appearance
  • Up to 10MB in size
  • 900 and 4500 pixels in width and 1200 to 6000 in height
  • No glasses. Prescription glasses allowed if they don’t cover the eyes area 
  • Contrasting clothes 
  • A plain white backdrop
  • The photo has to be of high-quality, no overexposure, darkening and glares 

Many applicants are unfamiliar with regulations in terms of size, background, pose, clothing, wearing makeup, glasses, or accessories, and other common details that most of us can mistakenly do when taking a passport photo.

In this regard, I came across a guide that covers these requirements in depth, including steps to follow and mistakes to avoid which I thought would be useful to reference for your readers’ convenience:

You should use an online photo checker to find out if it fits the requirements. For photos that aren’t compliant an error window will pop up saying there’s a mistake. Avoid that by getting your photo ready with a proper online service. A professional software can fit the image to match all necessary conditions, edit the background as well as head measurements. 

Who is an Identity Referee? 

Every New Zealand passport applicant needs to have an identity referee to confirm their documents and photo. The identity referee must be:

  • Older than 16 years old
  • Know you for a while, better if from birth
  • Have a current document proof of New Zealand citizenship
  • Have a valid form of contact

Why do I Need a Witness?

Basically, you need to have either an identity referee or a witness to confirm your identity. The witness is required to sign the back of your photos and complete the witness declaration form.

How Much Does it Take to Get a New Zealand Passport Done? How Much is It?

The cost to get a New Zealand passport is generally fixed for all immigration offices and is NZ$191.00 for an adult and NZ$111.00 for a children’s document. Processing times are up to 10 days normally. It may be more depending on every case, but never less than that. 

If you need a document for urgent travel, there are options that may help you:

  • Travel on the same day service 
  • A three day urgent service

Whether you lost your passport, it was stolen or damaged, you can receive help at one of the London, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch Home Affairs offices. 

How Do I Apply for a New Zealand Passport?

When you have everything set to apply, you should head to the official website to file the form. An interview may be necessary, although this is not compulsory for everyone.