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How to Fix Physxloader.dll Error in World of Tanks Game

Not being able to play World Of Tanks is one of the most severe problems for gamers. This game is one of the best on the web and one of the most demanding. Others can play the game but it will freeze after a certain period of time or lag all the time. In all situations from above, the cause can be physxloader.dll error!

Basics about physxloader.dll

The physxloader.dll is a file located in the World of Tanks folder. It is a part of NVIDIA software known as PhysX. This is the physics engine that focuses on game physics in real time. In other words, it is part of the graphics card software that should make the gaming experience better.

Without the file or when it is damaged, World of Tanks will show the aforementioned issues. Playing the game won’t be possible even after reinstalling it countless times. Keep in mind that reinstalling this game takes hours. Actually fixing the issue is much simpler.

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Methods for fixing the physxloader.dll error

When you try to start World of Tanks, you will get a message telling you that the physxloader.dll is missing from your PC and that you must reinstall the game. Close the message and process to one of the points explained below.

1.      Uninstall and install new PhysX software

Reinstalling the PhysX software is the first thing to try. Download the software from the official website and simply install it. There is a legacy version as well, which can be used if the standard software doesn’t solve the error. 

You can run the software manually before starting the game. For this, locate the folder with the software and click on the .exe file. The software should start and then you can start the World of Tanks game. 

The file is only 27.5 MB but can be bigger or smaller depending on the version. In general, it will take just a few seconds to download and you can proceed to the actual installation. The legacy driver is located at the bottom of release highlights when downloading the standard software. It can be downloaded within minutes as well. 

2.      Replace the file

Replacing the actual file is the second and most effective method. You will need to use physxloader.dll download option to get the actual file. First, check the architecture of your PC. It can be 32 or 64 bit. Most likely it is 64 bit.

Use the Windows logo key on the keyboard + E and open file explorer. Go to the System32 folder and search for the file. If it isn’t there, check at SysWOW64. Paste and replace the file. Also, replace the file at the World of Tanks folder.

This is the most effective method of them all and it usually works in most situations and with most computers. In addition, to locate the physxloader.dll file in the folder, use the search option of file explorer.

3.      Install a new graphics card driver

Here is another method that may help you. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, installing a new driver can be effective in solving the error. The best thing to do is to download the new driver manually and only then remove the current one completely. 

Once you restart the PC, you will see a poor resolution. Install the new driver and restart the computer. This can solve the error and allow you to play the game. As a matter of fact, this process is something you should do on a regular basis in order to avoid old or damaged drivers. 

One issue is if you download an improper or obsolete driver, the graphics card won’t work properly. The only thing you can do is to download a few drivers and use the next one if there is some issue with the resolution or graphics card in general. 


The physxloader.dll error is rare but comes as a huge issue for all World of Tanks gamers who cannot play the game due to this simple problem. Now you know how to fix it. As you saw, this is a simple process and there is no risk of any kind. Now you can help your friends as well.

Thanks to Julia Palmer for this article.



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