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How To Prepare Your NBA Fantasy League

Whether you are just learning the ropes of fantasy basketball or looking forward to a repeat of success and happiness all season long, one factor remains pivotal to making or breaking your experience as a fantasy basketball player. That is preparation. 

Regardless of your experience level, unraveled below are grooming tips that will help you coordinate a serviceable team and succeed in the fantasy court in the upcoming season. 

Understand the rules governing your league

Despite there being standard rules that cut across all NBA fantasy leagues;  each league, (generally categorized into either 8-cat or 9-cat) has its specific rules. Notably, it is the particular rules applied to a given league that determines a players ranking and value to a team participating in the league. 

Generally, the primary consideration before drafting your team is scrutinizing your league’s ranking vis-a-vis the rules. This will help you select players accordingly.

Open your eyes and ears to the news on the NBA fantasy sports 

A lot of players, especially those with limited time to follow stories on fantasy sports from multiple sources. Give low priority to detailed news. However, by staying up to date on the topics that directly relate to your league, you stand a chance to gain more tips and advice useful in the fantasy courts. 

Additionally, the news updates can keep you informed on the latest tools, such as nba draftkings lineup optimizer. Implements that you can utilize to further the edge you have against your competitors. 

Learning about common injuries will help you keep a keen eye on your lineup

Whereas specific injuries can keep a player off the game for a few days, other types risk forcing them out of the court for the rest of the season. Nevertheless, regardless of whether an injury is mild or severe, a missing player risks hurting the performance of your team. 

Leg injuries such as ankle and knee sprains are the most common and most costly in terms of the time lost. While drafting your players, look up their injury history. As good practice, avoid placing players highly prone to injury in the early and most intense rounds of the league. 

Know when and how to trade

Trades should not always be positional based. They should be value-based. While trading players, you are trying to boost your team’s performance by trying to balance out different positions. A general rule to making profitable trades is analyzing the content of your league. For instance, by understanding the makeup of all the teams in your league, you can quickly identify groups that hold a unique value to you and vice versa. 

Join or start a league that lets you have the fun you are craving

Finally, even as you eye the top position in the fantasy league, always ensure that you have fun in the process. It all boils down to how much you are enjoying the whole thing. Therefore, join or start a league that keeps your adrenaline high throughout the season. 



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