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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 20

Movie: Life Of Brian

Comedies are often overlooked when it comes to cinema greatness. Most memorable scenes are dramatic, and I understand this. However, there are comedy scenes like the ones in Airplane! or My Cousin Vinny that absolutely qualify for Memorable Scenes.

There is one scene that indeed makes it as the most gut-busting scene ever presented. Biggus Dickus has to be the ultimate in scenes where the actors have to use every ounce of their control and professionalism to stay in character. It is a masterpiece as Michael Palin totally nails the trolling of the Roman guards, who are helpless in not snickering at his antics.

Palin then escalates the hilarity with a reference to Incontinentia Buttocks. The soldiers cannot stop their laughter. During the chaos, the prisoner slips away, and rightfully so. I cannot come up with a more devastating hilarious scene than this one in the history of cinema. Biggus Dickus, indeed,



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