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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 24

Movie: Freaks

Freaks was movie that was made in 1932 about a traveling carnival in France. There is one word that rises above all others in praise for this unusual and disturbing film. That word is authenticity. This movie was made with, and about human beings who were indeed freaks, inflicted with various defects from birth. I won’t go into how controversial this film was, and if you’ve seen it, you know why.

If you have not seen this classic, I have included the link above to YouTube where you can watch the movie for free. The entire movie is memorable, creepy and shocking, but there is one scene that is beyond heart-breaking, disturbing and cringe-worthy creepy. It is the wedding dinner scene.

“Gooba Gabba, Gooba Gobble, One of us, ONE OF US!”

I will not spoil the plot or this memorable scene. I will just say that it vividly points out who the real freaks are. The public humiliation of the midget Hans is infuriating, embarrassing and shocking. However, just because some people are born with disabilities or short of stature, does not necessarily mean that they do not possess a range of human emotions. Those emotions can include both justice, and yes, revenge.

Greed and hubris can come at a price. If you try to exploit those who you perceive to be weak and helpless, be careful what you wish for. You may indeed become “one of us”.



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