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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 30

Movie: Airplane!

How on God’s green and violent Earth do you pick a memorable movie scene from the movie Airplane! ? The answer is of course, you can’t just pick one. There are at least 2 dozen memorable scenes in one of the most hilarious movies ever produced. Here is just one, and I promise there will be more to come.

If you are old enough, I’m sure you remember the Hare Krishnas. These were the robed religious creeps who haunted every airport and National Park, trying to peddle their whacky cult. Whatever happened to these annoying cunts? Well, 40 years ago Robert Stack punched, pummeled, karate-chopped, kicked and threw all these losers out of airports forever.

Airplane! was an outrageously original and boisterous caricature of the Joys of Flying, with all the little nuisances along the way. Seeing these panhandlers get their much-deserved comeuppance was quite satisfying. After this beat-down, the creeps left the airports, never to return.



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