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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 41

Movie: Cleopatra

Hollywood is filled to the brim with hot couples. The silver screen can literally ooze with lust and sexuality. Many of these scenes involve the goddess, Elizabeth Taylor. The 1963 budget of Cleopatra was a staggering 44 million dollars, which is about 427 million in today’s dollars.

Liz and Burton fell for each other in the movie, and in real life. This scene shows why. They were married in 1964, a marriage that lasted for 10 years. They divorced, but remarried the following year, only to divorce again in less than a year. Taylor was married 8 times, and Burton 4. It’s hard to stay together if you are a superstar.

Cleopatra was much maligned for being too costly, too long and too extravagant. It was all of the above, but it was a beauty to behold, and largely because of these two.



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