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The Lakers are going to suck for a long time

Hurray! The Lakers Suck and Will for the Foreseeable Future

“I see your hair is burning. Hills are filled with fire.”

LA is a dumpster fire right now, and I can’t decide what will act as more of continued accelerant that keeps the flames riding high, the franchise owners and management, or LeBron James?

As a non-Lakers fan, it’s going to be so much fun watching how the mess plays out over the off-season and what top sites like will list their season wins total at after the draft and trades.

LeBron or Top Brass?

Let’s circle back around to my above meditation on who is worse for the Lakers right now, Lebron or leadership. Let’s examine this a little deeper.

Let’s start with LeBron

No A-list player is going to want to work with LeBron James; we might as well call him Jabrone Lames. He has proven himself to be a passive-aggressive monster who will undermine anybody whose thoughts or actions don’t align with his.

LeBron is a great player … but he is the kind of guy that blames everyone else when his team is failing. This, coming from the guy who will push a coach out the huddle and run the team himself. Then when things go awry, it’s anyone else’s fault but his. It’s Coach Blatt’s fault! It’s Coach Brown’s fault…It’s Kyrie’s fault! News flash, you ignored the coach and took over the team, you arrogant, egotistical, conniving, and feckless A-hole.

So, other top athletes respect him as a player and as a champion. But knowing the history are they going to want to risk working with LeBron? First of all, they have to share the spotlight, second, they risk getting thrown under the bus by James; first behind their backs, then publicly later once LeBron has manipulated and connived enough to lay the ground-work.

The point is, with LeBron in LA, the franchise won’t be able to build the team around him…especially not after his latest antics, throwing a LIVING LEGEND like Magic under the bus for ratings on his new show. So now as a player, you have to worry about becoming a reality show villain if you work closely with LBJ.

That doesn’t sound like an awesome work environment.

Now on to upper management
Ok, so Jeanie Buss gave over coaching staff control to Kobe’s old agent? And they hired Frank Vogel … but put Jason Kidd right over his shoulder so that when LeBron inevitably makes sure that he gets fired halfway through the season, they have another head coach already under contract. So, LeBron was mad about the Tyronn Lue negotiations. Of course, he’s mad. He just lost the chance to have a silent head coach let him run the show. We all saw how the Lue coached in Cleveland …silently from the sideline.

And apparently, this is exactly the reason that the Lakers insisted on Lue taking Kurt Rambis as his assistant: to avoid LeBron running the show. This makes total sense, and it shows how much fear the Lakers organization has of LeBron running them even further into the dirt.

It’s such a mess in LA that the guy who has a giant bronze statue of him out in from of the Staples Center wanted out. I mean, Come on, Rob Pelinka as GM? A freaking Lawyer and Sports Agent? When you combine those two things, you just might have the scummiest POS on the planet – lawyer-agent … shudder as I utter those words together.

I could go on and on about the decisions that Buss and brass have made, but this article would turn into a novella. So we”ll leave it up to you. Who is worse for the city of LA at this point, LeBron or the Lakers owners? Either way, it’s a horrible time to be a Lakers fan and a great time to be a rival.

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