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The Truth About Getting a DUI in Las Vegas

There are so many events that come up in the year requiring us to celebrate with friends and family. Whether it’s just a simple party at home with a few friends, a Christmas gathering or a wedding party, we will most definitely find ourselves drinking and in some cases drinking a lot of alcohol. It is irresponsible of us to then drive while in this condition since we not only risk our lives, but that of other road users as well. Instead of risking these lives, you can easily get the price 4 limo and hire one to transport you from one place to another. We will also show you how to avoid getting a DUI by renting a party bus or limo. Here is what you need to know about getting a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Las Vegas.


The consequences of getting arrested driving under the influence (DUI) in Las Vegas are dire, even if it is the first time. The minimum mandatory sentence can be fined ranging from $400 to $1000 plus other court charges depending on the court you are taken. In Las Vegas Municipal Court, you will be charged $810 and in Las Vegas Justice Court, you will part with about $685.

Jail Time

If the prosecution proves that the amount of alcohol in your system is more than the legal limit, then you can also have your driver’s license suspended and a jail term. You might be required to serve two days in jail if you are a first-time offender. They also check for the concentration of other drugs that could impair your mental and physical abilities while driving.


First-time offenders are required to attend an eight hours class for alcohol awareness and traffic signs. You are required to pay about $150 for it, but you can do it online. You may also be required to attend a Victim Impact Panel which will cost you a further $40.

License Revocation

The court can have your license revoked for 90 days, or 185 days of arrested after October 1st. Besides, you will need to maintain SR-22 insurance for three years as a requirement to reinstate your license. SR-22 insurance is a statement proofing your financial responsibility that your insurance company issues to the court for that period. You will have to pay higher premiums if required to provide this.

Ignition Interlock

A further cost comes with installing an ignition interlock. You must do this to all your cars for at least six months. You will pay for both installation and maintenance.

Extra Charges

You get a harsher sentence if you are arrested with a minor under 15 years as a passenger. You will pay more fines and get longer sentences.

Note that if you have managed to stay for seven years without a DUI conviction, you are considered as a first offender.

Considering the financial and time loss that you incur as a result of DUI offenses, you would be much safer if you avoid completely driving under the influence. You can carry along a driver friend who doesn’t drink or simply hire a chauffeur-driven vehicle. 



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