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Tips And Tricks for Creating an Efficient Hotel Energy Management Plan

If you want your hotel business to thrive, try to minimize your expenses. Keep your energy bills as low as possible. Make energy conservation practices effective among your staff. And invest in modern appliances. Utilize the following steps to create your energy plan:

Consider Examining Your Energy Use

Take time to monitor the conditions in your hotel. Hire a professional auditor to help in tracking the energy consumption rates of your water HVAC, as well as, lighting systems. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask the auditor to clarify.   

Look At the Billing Trends

Examine your previous energy bills. Check how much you’ve been spending for the past 12 to 18 months. Then, divide the cost trends into three categories, heating, lighting, and cooling. If you realize that the costs have risen, try finding out the cause. What has contributed to the sudden increase? Is it inflation or less efficiency in your hotel? Or could there be lagging equipment plus faulty thermometers?

Sensitize Your Staff

Ask your employees if they’ve detected wasteful energy usage in any part of the building. Are there devices that have always been left on standby mode? Have unoccupied corridors or storage areas been lit throughout? If so, then consider rectifying those mistakes. This could result in potential energy savings.

Organize Your Data

Keep records of your findings. Write down everything you discover regarding your hotel’s energy usage. These could include wasteful lighting, inactive yet plugged-in appliances, or running faucets. Once you’ve rectified the errors, review your energy bills after 12 months to see how each issue has impacted your billing categories.

Monitor The Progress

Make a list of actionable items. How do you plan to rectify each cost category? Which steps could help reduce your hotel’s heating costs? What practices could help in bringing down your lighting costs? As you implement these steps, monitor your energy bills in the subsequent months to see if the measures you undertook resulted in positive price trends.     

Conduct An Energy Audit

Bring in an expert to help you analyze the data and conduct an energy audit. Request the energy manager to come with plans to save on energy consumption. Pay close attention to energy-saving opportunities. Also, do away with worn-out appliances in your hotel. This includes HVAC systems and fridges. Bring in appliances with high energy-saving potential. Preferably, bring in remotely controlled equipment. This will help you switch them off and on without any issues. Also, invest in renewable energy. Besides helping you save energy; you can sell extra energy and generate more revenues. Still mote, it will positively contribute to the environment. It will also help you understand restaurant energy prices

The Bottom-Line

Are you looking for an effective way to curb your energy consumption? Well, it’s time you consider creating a reliable energy-management system.  Examine your energy usage, monitor your billing trends, collect relevant data, and monitor your progress. This will provide you with detailed information about your energy consumption levels and how you can keep them low.