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What should the player do if the croupier makes a mistake?

Many guests of gambling establishments, meeting with the croupier’s mistakes, refuse to believe that this is the same person as they are. Therefore, they can make a mistake by accident, without malicious intent. We are all human, and the dealer can also get tired on a long shift; they may have a lack of knowledge or a momentary distraction to something. Thus, if you encounter a dealer’s error, this does not mean you have experienced a scam.

However, let’s figure out what actions the casino can take in the event that such an accident occurs through the dealer’s fault. This material describes how gamblers should behave in such cases using the experience of UK casinos. This information may be useful to the owners of small poker clubs or newbie croupiers who want to improve their level of service.

General Information

So, this happened – the dealer made a mistake, and the client pointed it out to him. According to the internal rules, an employee who has made a mistake should not take any action. His task is to call a senior employee who will sort out the situation.

The senior employee will understand in detail what happened and, most importantly, establish the croupier’s guilt. Further, his task is to take all necessary actions to level the error’s consequences and restore justice. If the pit boss is intelligent and experienced, he will do whatever it takes to please the customer, who will refuse to publicize the incident.

The actions of the pit boss in this situation are as follows. He takes into account how valuable this or that client is to the institution, assesses the level of aggression of the victim, and, based on the available data, makes the final decision. 

Optimal player behavior

The algorithm of actions is straightforward. Having identified a mistake, you must stop the dealer and invite a higher manager (often a pit boss) who will sort out the controversial situation. We can advise you to be polite, not to raise your voice, and not to try to make your own rules. If you play in a reputable gambling establishment that genuinely values its reputation, be sure that the local administration will do everything to prevent conflict development and please the client.

For example – the dealer incorrectly counted the points in the player’s cards and took them along with the bet, assuming that there was too much. The indignant player made a claim after the end of the round.

Let’s break down the situation. If the dealer has acted during the round without errors, his task is to put the cards in the chipper in the order they come out of the game. In this case, the casino employee can consider the card history without any problems and determine whether a mistake was made. By the way, today, the problem is rapidly disappearing into account because there are modern video surveillance systems on the tables that allow you to establish the truth in a controversial situation.

However, some mistakes can be resolved on your own without calling the pit boss. Most often, it occurs at the time of the distribution of cards. A simple situation – the dealer issues cards to customers (and himself), two for each. Subsequently, it turns out that some clients received only one card. What to do in this case?

The decision is up to the player. There are several actions – either the next card is taken without a deck (and, accordingly, the player remains in the game), or the client deals with the existing card and waits for the next distribution. If the natural course of the cards has been violated, the dealer offers the rest of the customers sitting at the table to refuse to play. If a shoe is not used at the table, in this case, the dealer shuffles after the end of the deal.



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