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Massachusetts still debating on whether or not to allow sports betting

While the US Supreme Court legalized sports betting a year ago, a few states were exempted from the change in legislation. The country has been debating the topic for years, till the judgment was finally passed and the PASPA act of 1992 was modified.

Prior to the judgment, sports betting was illegal everywhere in the US except for a few counties in Nevada. This limited the activity to a few rich who could afford tickets to Las Vegas.

However, a year later, only a handful of states have been successful in implementing new policies.  Rather, the changed law was thought to be a huge win for New Jersey but wasn’t implemented as intended. Now they are trying the same in New York.

The new legislation decriminalizes sports betting but states are authorized to create their own laws. Now Massachusetts is discussing permitting sports betting within its borders. The hot topic is being discussed among lawmakers, however, it will surely pass on to the next year’s sessions.

One of the lawmakers Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante said, “It’s an issue that we want to be very diligent with, and we want to make sure should Massachusetts go forward with sports betting legalization … that we do it properly.”

Since the city and state are both prosperous and have a culture into education, the decision to allow sports betting won’t be easy. It might be a no as well. For the state administration, what matters is the net income from the activity.

It is anticipated that the potential financial liabilities of allowing sports betting would be more than the revenue generated. Even more, the lawmakers are conservative and not keep on changing the situation.

In most states which permit sports betting, it is limited to monitored casinos and not online betting. Online betting options like NFL betting lines at 888 sportsbook are popular in New Jersey and might find a way to New York, but still, it might not find many takers elsewhere. This is despite the fact that 85% of the betting in New Jersey is online. People prefer everything digital as of late.

It is obvious that the future generation would be more open to freedom over betting. Things have started progressing already and let us see how well it works. Countries which permitted sports betting hardly regret the decision.