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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

The review I wrote years ago about A Charlie Brown Christmas received a lot of hate mail, that is now lost forever with the re-design of the site. This short movie about Thanksgiving is available to watch on YouTube and is mercifully only about 25 minutes long.

This short Charles Schulz cuteness begins, of course, with the historical inevitability of Lucy trolling the hapless Charlie Brown with him trying to kick the football. Things never change, and then Lucy is not to be seen again in this short video. This, however, will not be the end, but only the beginning of Charlie’s debacle with the opposite sex. Peppermint Patty, who has the listening skills of a cherry clam enters the video to torture Charlie Brown.

You see, Peppermint, without any prompting at all, invites herself and other friends to Charlie’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. The problem is that Charlie will not be at home, having accepted an invitation to Grandma’s house later in the day. Linus, with his philosophical blanket, suggests that Charlie, who has the communication skills of a pet rock, just have an early Thanksgiving for the annoying Peppermint, and attend Grandma’s dinner later. Charlie and Snoopy are in charge of the food prep, so you can guess what happens. Charlie knows how to cook only toast, pretzels, popcorn and Froot Loops and his guests are disgusted with him.

Charlie Brown fails again, but what would you expect? The movie ends with the crew going to Grandma’s house and redemption for the moron Charlie, and the traitor Snoopy cooking a real Thanksgiving dinner for his bird-brain friend. Credits roll.

4.5/10.0 With the Goatesians Rating of Mercifully Brief.







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