Comfortable and Furious

Roar (1981)

In 1981, a bunch of hippies got together and made a movie with like a hundred lions. By the end of it, people had broken bones, stitches, gangrene, and one dude even got scalped! Variety magazine named it, “most disaster-plagued film in the history of Hollywood.” You probably never heard of this movie because it was absolutely terrible, but since I own a cat, I figured this movie could gain me some insight into the wild feline psyche.

This is a story about a Busey-esque goofball who lives in a house with some motorbikes and a hundred deadly jungle cats. He has a family that he never sees. I’m sorry, he sees his family every day. The lions are his family.

He has a biological family full of humans whom he never ever sees. They are coming to visit him on the same day that the grant committee who funds his research is supposed to show up. What could go wrong?

I’m not sure if he’s a scientist or just a human yarn ball duped into living with lions so that the real scientists can observe him get eaten. It really doesn’t matter. Anyway…I wrote a bunch of stuff here and then erased it. Describing the plot of this movie was a new low, even for me. How about I just tell this story with screen shots and captions. Has that ever been done before in a review? Well, I’m going to try. What makes this movie so captivating is knowing that people were actually attacked and severely injured, so you never really know what’s real and what isn’t. Also, it’s great seeing the actors with genuine expressions of fear on their faces as they try and pretend everything is fine.

"Oh God that wasn't a metaphor!"
“Oh God I thought you were joking!”