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The Summit (2012)

Here we have yet another mountain climbing documentary where on August of 2008, 25 dare-devils headed for the summit, but 11 climbers never came back, meeting their death on a mountain, nicknamed The Savage Mountain, also known as K2.

Here at Ruthless, our fascination and disdain for born-rich fools who pollute our beautiful mountains with their garbage, oxygen bottles and corpses are well documented. I have watched and/or reviewed several movies and docs about attempts to conquer the highest and most dangerous mountains in the world. These include, Meru, The Beckoning Silence, Touching The Void, Everest, and the fantastic documentary, Sherpa.

The stark reality of the fact that there were 11 deaths created tremendous international interest in this tragedy. The actual accounts of what happened were inconsistent, adding to the moribund mystery of what actually went on that fateful day. Unfortunately, this documentary did not do much to shed light on what really occurred on The Savage Mountain.

As far as this movie/documentary goes, it was a mess. Of course, the cinematography was predictably exquisite, but the editing and non-linear trajectory of this movie made it very difficult to follow what really went down on K2 during the August climb of 2008. If you have not previously studied the events that occurred that August, you will be lost.

I have watched several other YouTube videos that were much more helpful as to what actually were the events, to the best that we can know, on that Savage Mountain.

“If it takes a 100 years, the truth will have to be recognized by those to whom the verdict of history belongs.”

“Often times, when one does lose a life, when it is done, it is held… you know, up under the microscope…They should have done this…they should have done that…Just because you survive a mountain doesn’t make you an expert to say that someone made a mistake …You don’t know…Only the Mountain knows.”

So, we will never know what really went on at the K2 Mountain that fateful day. Whether it was human error, human negligence, human selfishness for individual survival, or just the forces of nature on the most dangerous mountain on the planet.

This movie/documentary is worth watching and free with ads on Tubi, but only if you are a learned fan of these mountain climbing follies.

6.0/10.0 With the Goatesians Rating of Watch only if Free.



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