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How to get more Spotify plays without damaging your channel

Technology has come a long way. Music lovers can best understand this evolution, from carrying around heavy walk-mans and Disc-mans to the cool iPods, it’s been quite a journey. Thanks to this evolution, music fans can enjoy their music just by accessing the internet. Spotify is one of those sites that have revolutionized how people listen to music by facilitating access to a wide variety. It is a good platform for artists to showcase their talent because millions of users are searching for music. It is also a convenient application for entertainment as virtually all music genres can be found therein. Because of its massive success, the app is very popular with artists looking to make money off music in the digital age. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, the site is open to abuse. Some artists try to fake popularity by downloading their own music, among other unethical techniques. These can be damaging to an artist if one is caught. Luckily, there is a wealth of information on how to grow on Spotify ethically. A site like has all this information. Here is a brief on how to get more Spotify plays without damaging your channel to make things easier for artists

1. Make great and unique music

Creating unique music gives you an advantage over all others. People will be drawn to the content you create, and your channel will definitely receive more plays. Being different is good because everyone has their own unique style and preference. You can also tweak something that has been done previously and make it memorable instead of using it traditionally. Great content will always keep people coming to your channel. You also need to ensure that the audio quality is great. Independent artists can use affordable services such as online recording studios to give them that competitive edge.

2. Promote your channel on social media platforms 

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are continuing to rise in popularity. To increase your Spotify plays, link your channel to your social media accounts. That way people who are already familiar with your work from the other channels can also support you on Spotify. Promoting through social media platforms also helps to market your music, given how popular these platforms are. They showcase your work to a large number of prospective fans. You can also have it featured on the sites of popular social media influences. If you have a website, you can also embed your music or playlist there. Ensure that you provide information on how to access the music for those who may not be Spotify users.

3. Consistency is key

Ensure that you keep releasing new content on your Spotify channel regularly.  You have to be consistent to reduce the risk of losing those who already loved your music. It’s just how the internet works. When you are consistent, even the algorithms raise your work profile, thereby giving you more views and a higher income. Essentially, it is more beneficial to release maybe one single each month rather than an album once a year.