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4 Video Games That Deliver Great Life Lessons

The gaming world is not only limited to offer some entertaining games but some games have a deep meaning behind the gameplay and storyline. The core elements of a game are more than just how it plays. If you are just looking for the entertainment then you can access online casino games with lots of bonus offers like online free spins, free cash, and some others but if you want to know what some video games have in their story-line that delivers a great message then, these are some games that render powerful message with its gameplay and storyline.


Spearheaded by the developers of both excellent horror titles Penumbra and Amnesia, Frictional Games launched Soma at the tail end of 2015. Without giving away too much of the meat of the story, Simon Jarrett was thrown for quite a loop after spending the greater part of 100 years unconscious before waking up in an underwater facility. The laboratory harbors a dense population of sentient robotic monsters. Though, most of which are out to do you harm, there are a select few idol robots that question the nature of their existence and believe they might have human qualities.

Whether or not it may provide a diverse array of scares like Friction’s past endeavors, Soma is undoubtedly a stronger game. With a powerful narrative and a message that makes players think twice about the line between man and man-made.


In the heart of one of the largest facilities of aperture, hordes of testing subjects were prone to much psychological abuse by an omnipotent and all-seeing AI with a fetishistic obsession for torment.

The game trumpets a powerful message of conformity and keeping people in the blind about what actually might be happening outside the walls of a fake society. Sometimes ignorance is not always bliss.

Heavy Rain

You know nothing about true sacrifice until your own family has been thrown under the knife. One of the four leading characters Ethan Mars must take strides to save his own son from a vicious death via drowning in rainwater. Game-play and combat are thrown to the wayside to make room for an impressively written story-line in which players really do have total control over the narrative’s direction.

Every small left turn or wrong move could result in a deluge of consequences that could unfold a couple of hours later. The story seemed to potentially take off in thousands of different directions forcing the player to observe smaller details that would normally fall under the radar. It leaves room for plenty of emotional strains and heart hammering plot twists that did well at simulating real and meaningful moments of sacrifice that left players in shambles.


With tons of praise particularly directed at its beautiful character development and extremely smart writing, Undertale was met with a unanimously positive reception and has pretty much become an obsession for plenty of people at this point. Playing as a child in a realm known as the ‘underground’, you are taught how to survive conflict by a motherly goat figure. The rest of how the game pans out is entirely dependent on who you decide to spare and who you decide to execute.

Undertale does an exceptionally great job at making the emotions of these characters feel real and tangible. It really gets us to take a few steps back and examine ourselves a little and think about what we may have ended up doing when confronted with the life-or-death situation. Regardless of one’s opinion of how good the game actually is it is undeniable that work that went into this game and plenty of gamers felt it.



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