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5 Video Games that Feature Gambling

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Why gamble in real life when you can gamble virtually? If you think about it, there are no stakes involved which can lead to a relaxing experience. These five games offer you the thrill of gambling without putting your own money on the line.

Pokemon Blue

At the Celadon Game Counter in Celadon City, you can actually gamble using coins specific to the Game Counter. These coins can be used at slots to win Pokemon in the next building over. You first have to get a coin case; once that’s done, you can buy as many coins as you like. The slot machines feature cherries as an eight coin payout, and triple 7s as the jackpot, for a 300 dollar payout.

This inclusion of gambling is quite odd, as the Game Counter isn’t just a casino; it’s also a hideout for the group known as “Team Rocket.” What’s especially bizarre about this addition is that you’re playing as a 10-year-old child. Nintendo kept gambling in their games until recently when the ESRB cracked down on what can be put in a rated E game.

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 has an entire sub quest that makes you gamble 100k of your hard-earned money to rescue three survivors. Hardly seems worth it, but this addition to the game is surprisingly fun. It wasn’t like the inclusion of poker came to anyone’s surprise though; the game takes place in resort called Fortune City.

Using the gambling books here is essential, or you’re going to restart a lot. The AI cheats, and will often pull royal flushes on you. So, the only option is for you to cheat yourself. Even then, it isn’t easy. After you complete the quest, you’ll get an extra 300k and a Zombrex, an essential quest item in the game that stops someone from turning into a zombie.

There are also various slot machines inside the Slot Ranch Casino (situated in Fortune City), one being the “Giant Slots” game which gives your character the opportunity to play for cash prizes. You can find a wider range of slot game variations at this online casino.

Red Dead Redemption

Both Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 feature gambling of many sorts including blackjack, poker, arm wrestling, horseshoes, liar’s dice and five finger fillet. Poker is one of the most addictive. You could spend hours playing high stakes poker while keeping an eye on your fellow players, seeing if they cheat.

You can also cheat yourself! While wearing the Elegant Suit, you can hide a card in your sleeve while no one is looking. If you don’t succeed, an old fashion cowboy duel will commence. You can also catch other people cheating, but instead of a duel, you just sort things out the old-fashioned way—the wonders of the wild west!

Fallout: New Vegas

“New Vegas” already gives it away but, yes, you can gamble in this Fallout game. Although this can’t be done right away, you’ll have to walk to the other end of the world to play some of the more traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette and slots. However, a card game called Caravan is available immediately and can be played throughout the Fallout New Vegas world.

You know how luck has a significant component of whether you win or lose in a real casino? In Fallout, the same applies except you can actually upgrade your luck. You can also get equipment that can add more luck to your stats, like sunglasses or something called naughty nightwear. You’ll still lose a lot, but at least you have cool glasses!

Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is a fantastic fantasy game that makes you play as a Witcher named Geralt. You’ll be battling witches, ogres, beasts, and literal demons with your sword and magic. Or, if you want, you could stop at a bar and play Gwent. After a few games, you’ll look at the time and wonder where it went. Just a few more games and I’ll get back to saving the world.

Gwent is so addicting and well-liked that it spawned its own game that can be downloaded for free on PlayStation. Collecting cards and building a strong deck is just a small but enjoyable part of the world-building Witcher offers. Real-life gamblers will probably see a similarity with poker, although Gwent is still a game all its own.



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