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America-The Upside Down

It's Donald Trump's America, We Just Live in It. Or Is It ...

Sometimes it seems like we’re in some bizzaro satirical world that makes no sense. A version of America straight from a movie like Idiocracy. With our non-popular vote winning specially selected by the 1% version of a “President.” A President who is trying to get our country bought by China, and ruined by his Fake news/identity-based politics. This is in addition to back door deals that ensure there are no single business/banking regulations getting passed. This unprecedented ass-kissing and coddling/rewarding of the corporate world and Wall Street is so blatant and revolting it would make Ronald Reagan blush.

The craziest part about all of this is that every goddamn election, even if the democratic nomination wins the popular vote. It doesn’t matter to the GOP. Thank God for All these helpful little tricks that the right gets in an election to help them beat popular votes in a democratic society. This makes that whole land of the free seem pretty fucking funny at this point.  A joke that makes every American a punchline.

In addition to typical GOP gerrymandering and race voting trick restriction bullshit in specific targeted African American metropolises and communities, they want even more motherfucking help in November! It isn’t enough for the MINORITY the Republican voter to get a leg up in order to cheese and grease elections. These motherfuckers wanna foul up postal voting for the flimsy reason of potential fraud!

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The odds of vote fraud through postal is probably less than the odds that Donald Trump DIDN’T molest Ivanka and frolic with Epstein and 13-year-old girls. Which is to say it’s Unicorn rare. In November, Ballot safety via the USPS is a 99.9% safe paper trail-based form of voting. The only lunatics who commit voter fraud are not leftists or liberals, but hard-core right-wing extremist who have no qualms risking federal prison time, just to do something stupid like getting two votes. All for Herr Trump. If anybody was more likely to break some crazy federal law, it will be a right winger, who is the biggest terrorist. At least they are based on FBI reports on terrorism against the US in the last several years on American soil. Right wing lunatics are always causing trouble. Usually, you can find them coming from either Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, or any of the Carolinas or West Virginia, and not forgetting Mississippi and Alabama. 

Plus, they don’t seem to have a problem shooting hundreds of people in public places and causing general mayhem. Causes like white power and/or xenophobia are the only reasons that are needed, which of course will be stirred up by that giant orange twat in power.

The postal service is a great way of safely voting that works. It will in turn ensure that there are not any shenanigans. I am as sure as that fact, as I am sure Donald Trump is a sociopath pedophile with an addiction to power.

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This motherfucker is off the chain! Not only does he need to use the undemocratic Electoral college again, he also has to ensure that the postal voting during the pandemic is to get messed up as well? Why the fuck does that piece of shit in the GOP give a damn about COVID-19 now all of sudden? They haven’t given a fuck the entire year. With their ignorance letting so many Americans die needlessly. Now conveniently all of a sudden, the pandemic is of the utmost importance to the GOP when it happens to be in November. 

I don’t get it? I thought us liberals were a bunch of snowflakes? All I’ve seen in my entire life is Republicans being scared of Black people, Mexicans, or those scary transgender people wanting to be treated like human beings! They can’t have that shit! Plus, those pesky atheists and scientists, with their “facts and logic” always jamming things up for the right. You know proving shit like climate change and the bullshit that is religion. These conservatives and their sacred holidays Like Easter Sunday, and Christmas day are also under attack from liberal mobs!

The left have a war on Christmas! 

To me it seems like all you motherfuckers do all day long, 24 motherfucking seven is worry about this, and worry about that, and basically in a nutshell act like the biggest bitches who walk the planet earth. Do you wanna know why us liberals get outraged at racism and backwards thinking? We get mad at that shit, because it is so frustrating to know that most right leaning Americans are fairly perceptive and intelligent if they wanna be. Yet they still act like it’s 1847 sometimes.

They will literally vote against their own interests because a party supports guns and is against abortion! Never mind the fact that the party has set the country back decades, and is doing every goddamn thing they can to ensure that they destroy any and all corporate regulation. So big businesses of all types can run amok in our economy. Yet they’re supposed to be the good guys. All these old white bread motherfuckers have to do is just say save the babies and don’t lock up the guns, and you guys bend right over. Voting uninformed every election cycle. You couldn’t vote for another party if you wanted to. Your entire identity and life is wrapped up in these politics. To admit you’re wrong would be fate worse than murdering your children and burning your house down.

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The kind of shit that this power addicted money-grubbing sociopathic weasels on the right love more than free market capitalism, is getting power no matter the cost. The 1% are not just happy with a little behind the scenes payout. They got to get bills signed into law that affect entire genders of people for decades, or fight gun policies that attempt to prevent American streets from becoming places where psychotic mass shooters with an ax to grind and about 200 rounds to spare can release some rage. Thoughts and prayers always are then used to make victims go away, so fuck it! Their 3rd yacht has priorities over gun safety. Especially when the NRA has generously agreed to pay for it. In return for just a little signature. 

How about maybe instead of signing in to law some sort of stellar national democratic socialistic based healthcare system for its own working-class citizens. You know like all of the entire first world. No in America land of the free is a place in which every swinging dick has the freedom to hustle every cent, from all possible angles until it’s been bleed dry. Every single basic need in this country is setup completely ass backwards, just for profits. It’s just a huge money pit, and things are getting worse.

This kind of greed has taken it way too far, and has basically given China the key to the kingdom, plus the guy the GOP is continuing to support right now, doesn’t give a fuck that currently the Russian secret police under Putin, are giving Taliban soldiers hit money for every American they kill. It is being ignored because Putin is Donald’s boy. 

He doesn’t need to be hearing shit about reports from those pesky facts and logic from people in the intelligence agency. No, his popularity and poll approval numbers are more important than the obvious glaring issues in America. If one of you guys had the balls to admit that you fucked up when you voted for him. I would have 1000 times more respect for you having balls for once. However, you sticking to your stubborn let’s fuck with the snowflake’s mentality is cowardice. You have got to show real courage and not vote Republican for once. That is the real patriotic thing to do.



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