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Bodacious Ruthless BBQ Beans

Well, why not share a recipe for BBQ Beans here at Ruthless? There is not much else going on, so we might as well celebrate July 4th with something other than beer and fireworks. There is not much that is more American than voting and BBQ, and we are about to lose the right to vote, so we might as well enjoy or beans while we can still afford them. For a more in-depth article about BBQ and Smoking, refer to The ABC’s of BBQ: Smoking The Meat Edition.

Since I do a lot of smoking and BBQ’n, I often buy pork in bulk, and that includes spare ribs. Spare ribs are the meaty, fatty and delicious ribs right above the pork belly. More often than not, spare ribs are trimmed into more esthetic and edible St. Louis cuts (see picture), by removing the back flap and membrane, squaring off the ribs, and removing the breast-plate, rib tips and other dangling meat or shiners, that might not fare well in the long smoke.

Oh, but what to do with these scraps? I don’t throw much of anything away, I get it or the crows get it, either way it’s good. This weekend, I’m making some BBQ beans with smoked rib tip meat.

  • One large cast iron dutch-oven
  • Several slices of bacon, chopped
  • One large Vidalia or yellow onion, chopped
  • Several cloves of garlic
  • Bell peppers (optional)
  • 4 or so cans of beans of your choice, I’m using pork n beans and some white chili beans-drained and rinsed, I’ll do better than the can for spices and seasoning
  • Seasonings-Salt, pepper, Rendezvous Seasoning, hot sauce, cayenne pepper. Use your favorite seasonings and heat to taste
  • BBQ sauce-homemade or your favorite-Try Sweet Baby’s Ray’s Golden Mustard
  • Yellow mustard
  • Brown sugar to taste
  • Worcestershire Sauce to taste
  • Rib tip meat, smoked then chopped

In the cast iron dutch-oven, render the bacon and then add the onions and peppers (optional). Saute on medium heat until almost soft, then add the garlic. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly. All the ingredients are already cooked, so you can heat up your dutch oven in your oven, or better still in your smoker if you have one, removing the lid to add smoke flavor. If you are using your oven, remove the lid after the beans are hot to give a nice sear on top. Use about 325 F. for the oven.



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