Comfortable and Furious

Donald Trump: The Arrogance Of Power And Lack of Accountability Edition

Congress has officially confirmed the Electoral College victory of Biden and Harris.

To all the Trumpers, thugs, evangelicals, preachers and right-wing pundits, where is your God now? How can you not say that this is God’s will, if you believe in that sort of thing? The overwhelming support of Christians for Donald Trump exposes the hypocrisy and bankruptcy of this odious cult. If you call yourself a Christian, you cannot separate yourself from what this religion has become.

I really hope that the Republican Party is totally destroyed by their encouragement and complicit silence regarding the treasonous and outrageous behavior of their leader. What happened in Georgia yesterday and in November is a repudiation of racism and Trumpism. We, as a nation, owe everything to the courageous black leaders and voters who brushed away the lies and threats, and did the right thing. They had to, as they have the most to lose.

Never before has white privilege been more glaring that with what we witnessed yesterday. I hope those terrorists are arrested en mass, lose their jobs, are exposed for what they are, and are tried and incarcerated.

Yesterday’s events were an ugly and embarrassing stain on The United States of America. I only hope that it is not too late to save this Republic. Many Senators stood up for truth and democracy yesterday. They must not only stand up under siege, but must walk the walk every day, and put the country above their political party and personal ambitions. Otherwise, this will be repeated.

We all knew, just as soon as this guy was elected that it would be bad. The way he bullied his Republican Primary opponents and stalked and bullied Hillary Clinton at the debates was shocking. The way he bragged about and dismissed his past behavior was inexcusable. It has been 4 years of not leadership, but 4 years of him childishly trying to dismantle everything Obama had done, bullying and firing anyone who attempted to oppose him or reason with him.

It has been 4 years of white knuckles and disgust for those of us who wondered what he would do next, and get away with. Management by intimidation is all that Trump knows and he gets away with it because it is always so blatantly open. This is his M.O., to openly flaunt his misbehavior to try to anesthetize Americans, especially his fellow Republicans and supporters. His enablers are legion. He had found his niche of evil and almost unlimited power.

No one has ever harvested racism and the never-ending Confederate resentment like Trump. He openly courts white supremacists and conservative Americans who have been carrying a grudge since the Civil Rights Act and affirmative action. He sent government troops against peaceful protesters, inciting violence. Trump has been predictably silent when terrorist atrocities occurred, treating the supremacists instead as patriots and heroes.

Worst of all, the Trump immigration holocaust separated children from parents, and thrust them into a concentration camp environment. Lastly, he ignored and even sabotaged efforts to control a dangerous pandemic, opting instead to ignore it and proclaim that it wasn’t his problem.

A couple of years ago I was ridiculed soundly for characterizing Trump as one of the worst human beings ever. I stand by this and condemn him and his loyal supporters. I especially condemn Evangelical Christians who elevated this monster to the Second Coming Of Jesus Christ. This is the most disgusting turn that Christianity has taken in my lifetime.

I can only hope that we can survive these last 13 days and that Trump and his family are prosecuted with the full force of the law. The damage that he has done will last for decades, if not forever.

Trump is not just mentally unfit, he is just out and out EVIL.



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