Comfortable and Furious

Fahrenheit 11/9

This will probably be a short review, and I’ve put off writing it. Last Tuesday I sat in a theater with 3 other people and watched what was one of the most depressing documentaries I have ever seen. The content of the film was only slightly more disturbing than the fact that almost no one will see this movie. Negative 1/10 reviews appeared immediately, with the reviewers screaming about liberal Democratic propaganda. These people did not watch the movie, but it doesn’t matter. Just FYI, the movie started out about Trump’s unlikely capture of the White House, but the main focus was on other, darker things, and the Democrats did not escape the scathe of Michael Moore.

This film was gut-wrenching and shocking, especially the exposure of what actually happened with the Flint Michigan water crisis. There was also considerable time spent on the Gun Control issue and what happened in West Virginia with the teacher’s strike. Fahrenheit 11/9 pounded home the reality of what many of us had suspected, but had refused to relinquish hope about. The American democracy is a sham, an illusion, a cruel hoax. I must reinforce strongly what I alluded to on the first paragraph. This film was not a anti-Trump rant. The DNC, the Clintons, Barack Obama and the political establishment power were all decimated in this sobering documentary.

I won’t dwell on Trump’s election, we all know what happened. The most glaring and infuriating spotlight that Michael Moore focused was the continued disregard and disdain our politicians have for the citizens of this country. Never was this concept more demonstrated than in the horror show that was the Flint Michigan water crisis. Rick Snyder is the most odious politician to ever hit the American landscape. With the total disregard for the health and safety of its citizens, this murderer and thief knowingly ignored the poisoning the citizens of Flint (mostly Black, of course) for the sake of his rich cronies and a lucrative water contract. Michigan taxpayers are having to shell out up to 34 million dollars for legal fees for Flint officials charged with manslaughter. Insult to injury. The real murderer will escape prosecution.

Fahrenheit 11/9

Fahrenheit 11/9 also again tackles the hopeless issue of Gun Control, focusing on the reaction and action of the students after the Parkland, Florida shootings. If there has ever been an issue that is so mired in corruption and paranoia, it is this one. Until money is out of politics (in other words, NEVER) this bloody carnage will continue. If there was a slight glimmer of hope in this entire documentary, it was the resolve of the teachers in West Virginia. They weathered the corruption of the politicians, and the back-stabbing of their own union leaders to get what they richly deserved.

Yes, things are terrible, but how far gone are we as a nation? According to Michael Moore, it is practically too late. I’m trying to find something, anything to point me away from the same conclusion. In a worst case scenario, Trump is the next Adolf Hitler and we may have seen our last Presidential election. Not possible? Outrageous? Perhaps. Things have already happened recently that we did not think possible. I’m hoping that Trump’s ambition will stay within the confines of merely harvesting as much wealth as possible from his situation. The danger is that the professional politicians are confident now that they have very little to fear from the ballot box.

I don’t really care if Trump fucked his daughter or not, but it is shocking that Trump and other politicians are gaining confidence about fucking this country, and with complete impunity. America has tolerated electing a narcissistic, sociopath sexual predator as its President. We have tolerated the assassination of our children at Sandy Hook and Parkland. The attempted genocide of the citizens of Flint Michigan has hardly raised a ruffle of the American feather. There are heroes, like Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha in Flint, who refused to go along with the falsification of data to show that the levels of lead in the Flint water was within acceptable federal guidelines. Heroes like the kids in Parkland Florida, who were actually trying to do something about the gun carnage. Finally, the teachers in West Virginia stood fast and got the much deserved pay raise they were striking for.

Unfortunately, these heroes are too little and probably too late. Voters are staying away from the polls in droves, and who can blame them? This negative reinforcement just makes things worse. It aids the incumbents who are willingly mired in the tar-baby of an endless stream of PAC-money that requires them to do anything, including killing their own constituents, to feed the corporate greed.

Fahrenheit 11/9 was beyond gut-wrenching and soul-crushing, but how much of Michael Moore’s apocalyptic scenario is likely? We will know a lot more in a few weeks. We will know if the voters and citizens still hold the deed to this country or has the thing that many of us have feared, actually already happened.

Everyone in America needs to watch this documentary, but only a handful will, and the ones who need to watch it the worst will dismiss and vilify it automatically as just another rant from a Libtard Jabba The Hut. I really cannot recommend that anyone watch this, especially if you have any problem with depression. Fahrenheit 11/9 was depressing, and was sobering. Our country is at a crossroads and thoughts, prayers or continued apathy will only exacerbate the situation.



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