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Fancy Yourself as a Builder of Empires? Try Throne: Kingdom at War

Freemium MMOs are all the rage right nowbut there are so many out there it can be hard to choose which one to play. The common themes are crafting, gathering resources, building up settlements, and venturing out to conquer other game areas. But, to be truly gripping, the game should have an engaging theme which will appeal to a large number of people. This is where Throne: Kingdom of War comes in. This is a strategy game which will appeal to Game of Thrones fans as well as historians – and people who just love conquering.

Throne: Kingdom at War is another mobile strategy game from Plarium, who are quickly making a name for themselves as top MMO developers. Its similar to their other offerings, such as Vikings: War of Clans, in terms of gameplaybut it is a more complex title with a greater number of elements. This makes it harder to play than some other, similar titlesand, therefore, it will appeal to veterans of the genre who are seeking a fresh challenge.

Much like in other MMOs, players will have to cooperate with others online in order to find success in this game. This adds a social element to the gameplaythat can also lead to long-term friendships being made. There is a heavy focus on collecting resources in order to progress and build up your kingdom. Players will be tasked with following a quest tracker at the side of the screen which will help them set goals and also give clues as to how to level up. Goals include collecting resources to construct buildings and then using more resources to maintain and upgrade these buildings. This, in turn, leads to the acquisition of more warrior units, which will be essential when doing battle later in the game.

One thing that helps players get even more involved with this game is the fact that it has a comprehensive list of information to accompany it and help players get a stronger foothold. The Throne: Kingdom at War FAQ page features a wealth of knowledge to instruct players on how to use certain equipment and change their name and town names. For instance, there is a lot that players need to know about when it comes to using hero equipment. Every piece of equipment put on a hero, be it weapons, armour, helmets, or shields, gives certain bonuses to economic or military characteristics. Knowing exactly how to dress your hero can make all the difference between winning and losing a critical battle.

If you have done all you can do and become bored with some of the longer-running MMO games out there for mobile, it may be time for a fresh challenge. Throne: Kingdom at War provides players with a lot of the same elements that make other MMOs so popular, but also poses more complex challenges. This is one for MMO experts who want to test themselves on the ultimate stage and become the best they can be.



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