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The Idiot’s Guide to Online Casinos

Online casinos have been around for more than two decades, becoming part of everyday life for most European residents, something to do under the radar for locals in most US states, and a forbidden fruit for most people in Asia, Australia, and some other parts of the world. For those who don’t know them, online casinos are exactly what they sound: casinos that operate online. They lack the massive resorts with open bars, hotel rooms, hostesses, and Tom Jones live shows but they have roulette, blackjack, slot machines, and a variety of other games accessible through the internet. Just like real-life casinos, online casinos are of many shapes and sizes. You can take part of award-winning casino entertainment at 7Sultans international online casino which is part of a smaller, independent group of gaming venues or you can choose others that are part of massive multinational groups that have several brands under their virtual umbrella and even have their own stock symbol. Well, most of them. And then there are the seemingly innocent forms of gambling online with no real money involved – social casinos living on Facebook and people’s smartphones that you don’t have to pay to play (except for the in-app currency, of course, which is dirt cheap). They are fun, they are colorful, and they have one major shortcoming: you can’t win money if you play their games.

Some people think that online casinos are the perfect method to make quick and easy money. Other people think that the people mentioned earlier are idiots. Steve Wynn, one of the legendary figures of Las Vegas, has once said that the only way to profit from a casino is to own one. This is true for the dazzling gaming venues of the Las Vegas Strip as well as even the smallest online gambling venue, no matter if it does or doesn’t involve real money. Online casinos are profitable for the operators and they can be profitable for players, too – emphasis on “can”. They don’t offer players more than the chance to win money – or the possibility of having a good time while being under the illusion of playing with millions – and nothing more.

Online gambling is nothing but another form of online entertainment reserved for adults. It does not involve any nudity – not to mention other things – but it is a form of entertainment that can cost a great deal of cash. Besides, it is even potentially addictive – gambling addiction appears when the right type of personality meets the right type of game. Gambling is a form of entertainment that’s been around for millennia, in one form or another (Keno, for example, was invented by the Chinese and, according to the legends, it helped fund the construction of their Great Wall). It is not a way to make money – it is a way to have fun. And it has enough fans to generate billions in revenues for the operators and hefty taxes for the governments regulating it.



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