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The Lego Batman Movie

Here’s the truth – I wanted to see The Lego Batman Movie as much as my 4-year old son. We’ve been slowly building a Lego city in our basement over the past year and I love watching his little imagination work. I also love feeling like a kid myself. So this is the perfect movie for the both of us. Even better, it doesn’t include a song that will get stuck in your head for months.

As with The Angry Birds Movie, I interviewed my son for the bulk of this review, but before we get to that, here’s what you should know about this movie from my perspective. It’s not quite as good as The Lego Movie, but only because so much of it is familiar Batman stuff. It’s still very good though. It has plenty of adult humor and homages to Batman’s history throughout cinema that will have you laughing as your kid laughs at the stuff aimed at kids. Most importantly, it made me feel like a kid again. Now, onto the real review.

Did you like The Lego Batman Movie?


What did you like?

I liked the Batmobile, and the Joker, and Robin.

What did you not like about the movie?

Blowing up the city.


Because the city doesn’t really blow up.

Best part of the movie.

What was the funniest part of the movie?
Um, the click when the city clicks back together, when it goes “click.”

What part would you want to take out of the movie?


Nothing? It was totally perfect?


Who was your favorite person?

Robin. He was so funny. When he put on the Batman cape, it was funny. And that’s what thing I liked a lot.

Did you think it was funny when he pulled his pants off?

Yeah.he said “these are a little tight” RIIIIIP!

Who needs pants?

What did you think of the Joker’s plan? Did you think it was a good or bad plan?

Bad plan.


Because it’s not good.

What should he have done instead?

Knocking down buildings. That’s what they should not do either.

What else do you want to tell me about the movie?

That’s all!

Would you tell other people that they should go see The Lego Batman Movie?



Because it’s really funny, and I just know.

How many stars would you give the movie?
A thousand.

How many times do you want to watch the movie?
A thousand.

Rating: Maybe like $100 to see the movie. That’s ALL the money.



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