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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 15

Movie: The Sting

It is no secret that Paul Newman was one of the most charismatic and talented actors that ever lived. The Sting was a superior movie to his other iconic buddy movie, Butch Cassiday and the Sundance Kid, and the reason was unforgettable and quite satisfying scenes like the poker game on the train.

The villain and the mark was Doyle Lonnegan, played by the great Robert Shaw. He was a ruthless crime lord who had killed one of the gang of con men and there was revenge to be had. He had few vices, but one was playing poker. He also cheated as well.

Gondorff (Newman) bribed the Train Conductor to get a seat at a high-stakes poker game that Doyle frequented. He was in character as a cocky, crude and very annoying Chicago bookie who quickly got under the skin of Mr. Lonnegan (“You’re going to remember that name!”) and everyone else at the table. He was winning big and Mr. Lonnegan decided to do something about it by slipping in a stacked deck on his next deal.

The culmination and comeuppance of this poker game was probably the greatest poker scene in movie history. Mr. Big Shot cheats, but Gondorff knows how to cheat better and cleans out the crime boss in a very satisfying burn. The hook is now set for the big play.



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