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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 32

It is no secret that I love my Christmas Movies. I have reviewed over 100 of them in the past decade. A Christmas Story is the #1 Christmas movie ever made and The Old Man is the most memorable Christmas Character to ever hit the big screen. With a bar this high, it is difficult to pick just one memorable scene, but this scene takes the prize.

The initial excitement of the Santa bacchanalia has passed and Ralphie is sitting on the couch with his parents, calmly and maturely reflecting on his failure to procure his coveted gift, the Red Ryder BB Rifle. Then the magic begins as the Old Man directs Ralphie’s attention to the desk in the corner. Soft music begins to play, enhancing the timing and tempo of this unforgettable moment of Christmas fulfillment. No, Santa did not forget, and Ralphie’s relentless efforts had paid off.

Ralphie was ecstatic over his last-minute bounty, but The Old Man was downright giddy with joy over the fulfillment of his son’s dream come true. Ralphie showed the power of persistence as he weathered numerous Christmas obstacles and disillusion, but he never gave up on his quest.

No other Christmas Movie scene exemplifies better the concept of “It is better to give than receive”, than Ralphie getting the gun. It was a perfect scene in the perfect Christmas Movie.



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