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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 35

Movie: Ran

“Man is born crying. When he has cried enough, he dies.”

Ran is one of many masterful films created by one of the great Masters, Akira Kurosawa. The movie is based on the Shakespeare play, King Lear, as the elderly warlord retires and hands over his kingdom to his 3 sons. This decision was an ill-conceived one, as the sons turned on each other, and on him. A brutal war ensues, with the consummation of tragedy.

“Ran” means chaos, and that is certainly an apt title for this movie. The chaos and war that results from his decision is the result of betrayal, greed and pride, and the results are devastating to all.

The cinematography, accompanied by the musical score are unmatched in cinema history. It has been called “the most beautiful film ever created”, and I cannot disagree. Ran also features one of the most ruthless female movie villains ever filmed, Lady Kaede.



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