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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 40

Movie: Psycho

The shower scene in Psycho is indisputably one of the most shocking murder scenes in cinema history. There is another scene that is perhaps the most brilliantly made reveal ever. Many human beings have mommy or daddy issues. Often it is difficult to let go of the person that gave you the gift of life. Norman Bates is a troubled lad, who really had a struggle with the truth about mother.

The attention to detail in the basement scene was Hitchcock at his finest. The slow turnaround of Mrs. Bates…the scream and swinging light…and then the ominous footsteps on the stairs, accompanied by the music that hits you right between the eyes.

I could watch this scene 1,000 times and it would never fail to impress and dazzle me with its excellence. A masterpiece of directing, from the greatest master of all.



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