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Mr. Queen

General reviewers loved the series, and I think if you watch 20 episodes of this series, you’ll like it too. This series is a mixed genre of comedy and suspense thriller, with a Joseon-era setting that is very entertaining.

In the modern era we will be introduced to Bong-Hwan, a handsome chef who has a sociable disposition and is very sympathetic. He had an accident and fell into a coma. In this coma, his soul is trapped and lives in the body of a woman who is none other than an empress in the Joseon kingdom era named Kim So-Yong.

The character of Queen Kim Si-Young was created based on the open interpretation of the classic Korean historical figure, Queen Cheorin who was the consort of King Cheoljong. Although King Cheoljong is often referred to as the puppet king, this series tries to interpret in modern terms, why he is a puppet king. Included in this thought was Queen Cheorin who had a controversial policy at that time by allowing court ladies in the kingdom to marry.

For that reason, this series always starts with a disclaimer that it is only a work of fiction, because using historical events can be a weapon of overlord eating like the Snowdrop series. Although this series is one of the highest-rated series in Korea, this series is ridiculed in China because of the new interpretation and portraying of King Cheoljong like that, let alone Queen Cheorin.

I understand the meaning of the author of this reliable series. She understood how difficult it was to be a woman in those days who had to deal with issues of polygamy, succession and the obligation to give birth to a boy. Then incorporating the soul of a man with a high self-confidence attitude is one way for that. You will see the acting of actress Shin Hye-Sun who is very skilled, empathetic, flexible but tomboyish from the beginning to the end of the story.

When Bong-Hwan entered Kim Si-Yong’s wadag, she experienced learning as well, how difficult it is to be a woman, especially when she realized she was pregnant. There have been many works of fiction with the theme of gender misunderstanding. There have been many works of fiction with the theme of a character who goes back in time or is trapped in the future, but this series is very unpredictable, so unpredictable that the plot of the story is so fun to follow.

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