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Some Myths About Drugs

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Hey everyone! my name is Devin, and here at Ruthless we have come to love nay-saying the fuck out of everything. So in that spirit, I want to dispel some myths about narcotic abuse. This is my cute way of saying that I used to be a human garbage can! You got Dilaudid? Okay, what about meth? Sweet! You also got some Somas, Weed, Whiskey, Adderall, and some GHB? You do! I will do all those at once then continue to function at a job requiring me to drive a forklift around a warehouse for 12 hours with people and pallets stacked 6 foot high with barely wrapped freight. Yeah I was that asshole.

Myth #1 You destroy your home life and only end up in 2 places, Jails or Institutions.

Reality – Yeah some tweeker miscreants may end up selling all their possessions, pimping their wife out, and robbing irate farmers of anhydrous. Or maybe a heroin addict hawks all of his/her plus their immediate family’s stuff to the local slave all pawn shop at a motherfucking penny on the dollar.

The actual case with most over zealous narcotics enthusiasts, is a lot of wasted money, nasty scars, horrible memories, and a deep seated sense of guilt and embarrassment. Me personally, after kicking H and replacing it with buprenorphine, I was fine, even though at my worst of putting 200 dollars in my arm a day. It never occurred to me to rip off my family. I wasn’t brought up that way. Simple as that. I know it’s anticlimactic, but I made hustle ripping off churches and dumb people. Or, I took advantage of ambitious cripples with hard pain scripts bought with less then a dollar thanks to Medicaid and Medicare; then flipping said scripts for thousands of times the actual value.

Speaking of dumb people. This one dealer I knew named Smitty. That old wrinkled cunt had Oxycodone 40s. Those tiny beautiful little blue bastards. I saw his pharmacy bag, and after the Medicaid and care, he payed 80 cents. Then sold them individually for 25 bucks. So I would slip antihistamines in his diet coke to make him sleepy or I would just wait him out and bullshit him for 3 hours until he used the restroom. He always put his pill bottle in this safe that he had hidden under his chair.

I discovered the safe’s key connected to his key ring which he hung right by the entrance. I just came over with a friend one time and kept him distracted, while my friend took the key a block down the road and copied it. I had my own key effectively by playing it smart. Never took to much and didn’t get greedy. He never even knew it. I am such a good person.

Myth #2 You get hooked or throw up on heroin the first time.

Reality – It just like weed in that it feels super awesome, and you can try 1,2,3,4,5,6 all the way to 20 times probably and not get addicted. If you throw up from it, then you are too much of a pussy, plus the sweet thing about puking after you shoot up is you have nothing in your gut to puke, it’s in your bloodstream baby! If I am being honest, I would probably do weed more if I could mainline it. Yet another thing I am very proud of.

Myth #3 Certain things are better on acid or weed

Reality -Tripping and the enjoyment you get from it comes from stuff you already love. Here is the reality, Pink Floyd sucks balls on Acid and the Wizard of Oz and Dark Side kind of sync up, but not really. Last time I ate doses, I listened to Pig Destroyer and Black Metal, then I watched Bad Lieutenant New Orleans: Port of Call. You don’t know existential weirdness until you watch a Herzog film on acid. Watch what you dig. Fuck Pink Floyd, and all that hippie bullshit.

Myth #4 The people who shoot up drugs don’t care about their life anymore, and are on a one way track to the grave yard

Reality: Let me throw some junkie math at you real quick. As tolerance rises so does the quantity needed. Let’s say it takes you 8 tablets of 10mg hydrocodones to get you high. Each pill being $5 dollars each. Or $40 a day. Now, it is like 2 to 3 times more powerful to shoot any pills on the getting fucked up department. I would say shooting one 40mg Oxycodone , or one 8mg Dilaudid. Feels better the eating 8 hydros. 1 Oxycodone 30 runs for 20 to 25 dollars street price. Or 1 Dilaudid (or k8s as they are nicknamed) cost 20 to 30 dollars street price. You can see the math and realize very early that banging is awesome! It feels better and it’s instant, unlike swallowing or snorting. The rush beats the hell out of doing it the other way.

I know as well as anyone, how dumb I am coming across, but it bugs me that movies and books and music have the final say on drug addiction. They are usually as credible as that 1930s movie about weed, ‘Reefer Madness’. I’m serious, everything from Requiem for a Dream to The Wire are bullshit. Overblown melodramatic fairy tales. There are way more myths about drugs I didn’t even touch on here, but these four really annoy me, and there are other sides to the story. It is grey like everything else in life.

In conclusion, I am in no way advocating drug use. I am just tired of the stigma attached and some of the misconceptions about addicts. Media just portrays drug users as sucking dick, burning your entire family, or eventually winding up dead or in prison, with NO other possible outcome. It is very rarely Requiem for a Dream. Plus chances are you probably work at a job with 60% of the work force being actual junkies. Fun times kids.



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