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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The best animated feature of the year?

I was not planning on going to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I assumed it was going to be a throw-away film aimed specifically at comic book nerds to make an easy buck. Then, my wife asked if I was taking our six-year old son and, before I could answer, he said “it has Peter Porker in it.” Well, that answered that question and I found myself sitting next to my son at the theater, waiting to watch a movie and I only had a passing interest in. After sitting through it, I can say that either it was a really good film or I am secretly a comic book nerd. Fun fact: I have never purchased a comic book in my life.

As usual, my opinion barely matters when it comes to animated films, so, as usual, here is what the intended audience, my son, thought of the film.

(Side note: This film was really, really good. Far better than I was expecting. Deep characters, extremely witty, and motivations both interesting and profound.)

How did you like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse?

Like, all the funny parts were really funny. The only part that wasn’t funny was none of the movie.

What was the funniest part of the movie?

The funniest part about the movie was when Miles fell off the building.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man wearing sweat pants is pretty funny too.

Who is Miles?

You know. The kid. Miles is the kid.

Is Miles the main character?

No. Peter Parker is because he’s Spider-Man.

Okay. So tell me more about Miles.

I liked both of his suits. The normal one; the red one. And the black one.

Was Miles also Spider-Man.

Yeah. Yeah. I like that term – multiple Spider-Mans and Spider-Womans.

Were there more than two Spider-Mans?

Yes. The coolest Spider-Man was the black Spider-Man with the black hat. The thief Spider-Man. Because he looked like a thief.

You mean Spider-Man Noir.

Yeah. He took the Rubik’s Cube.

What other Spider-Mans were there?

There was the little kid Spider-Woman with the big giant robot that was her best friend.

Okay. Any other ones?

The white Spider-Woman. She was really, really, really, really, really beautiful.

She was also kind of awesome in fights, huh?


Weren’t there two other Spider-Mans?

Yeah. There was a cartoon pig who said “I washed my hands. That’s why my hands are wet.” And I like how at the end when he was laying down and the pig said “phbtbbtbtb – did that feel like a cartoon?”

Very diverse. And funny.

That was Spider-Ham?

Yes. Spider-Ham. And the last one was older Spider-Man with a bigger belly. I also liked at the beginning when Miles accidentally fell into Peter Parker’s grave stone because I thought it was really funny.

Why did you think it was funny?

Because the camera was going right into the grave stone and I think maybe it cracked or broke apart. Because you didn’t see what happened. That’s all.

Okay. What was the movie about?

Multiple Spider-Mans fighting.

Why were they fighting? Or who were they fighting?


Who is Liv?

That scientist that had the big claw-y, big tentacle arms. Remember that part? She chokes people by that? (Waving his arms around)

I do remember. She was also called Doc Oc, right?


What was Doc trying to do that the Spider-People were trying to stop her?

I don’t know. I forgot.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

It was hard enough remembering six different Spider-Persons.

Do you remember the big machine they were trying to turn off?

Yes. It like blasted things together and made another dimension.

Why was she trying to make another dimension? Was there someone else she was trying to help?

Kingpin was trying to get his family back.

Wow. That sounds pretty serious. Was it okay to have serious and funny?


Did you like it?

Yeah. It was really, really funny. Also, I liked when Miles did all the stuff and it was on the magazine. I like the picture with all the words and they traced him on the wall in the sewer.

If another kid asked you if they should go see it, what is one thing you would tell them about the movie?

It’s a scary movie. Because you said “It” and “It” was a scary movie. (Rimshot)

That’s all folks!

Rating: It is greater than what you paid for it.



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