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The 2 Best Films of 2005

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Editor’s Note: Ruthless Reviews nearly died last summer, but it was saved by the dedication and work of two people and the support of Erich, who owns Ruthless. As CEO and Editor of Ruthless, I have had the privelege of ferreting through, fixing and analyzing over 5,000 posts here at Ruthless. Some articles, like the one below, exemplify the spirit of Ruthless. It was written either by Jonny or Erich in 2005, and is worthy of republishing. Enjoy. -Goat

For me, 2005 was a year best forgotten. At least I assume so, since I can barely remember any of it. I think I got out to the theater twice, and each time sitting in the dark without any intoxicants to extinguish my thoughts was such a trial, that I kept looking up and expecting to see Torquemada.

That doesn’t mean my interest in motion pictures evaporated completely, however. Rather, I’ve become more interested in distractions that can be viewed in the home. Preferably, these features are enhanced, rather than rendered unintelligible, by a pint of hard alcohol. Thus, only one real piece of cinema was able to make it into this year’s. And it only squeezed in because I decided against allowing my “Knight Rider” DVD set into the running for 2005’s Best Films.

2. Grizzly Man

In some ways, the attention this film received was as interesting as the film itself. It seems that Herzog snuck into the indie tributary that runs into the mainstream. He’s been referred to in the Simpsons, and this film, a documentary no less, received a lot of attention from the mainstream press and actually, like, made a profit. In my more deluded moments, I wonder if Ruthless relentless touting of Werner since our inception has in some way contributed to bringing his genius to a wider audience. Odd that this film was kind of a breakthrough because, to really understand it, you have to know that Herzog has taken the work of a filmmaker — who was in many ways antithetical to himself — and turned it into a Herzog film.

It’s like G. Gordon Liddy producing lost Tupac tracks. Also, I don’t think this is close to being one of Herzog’s best, nor is it all that accessible. Little Dieter Needs to Fly trumps it on both counts. Although Grizzly Man film does feature an aged cherub gone insane, narrating a brutal, bowel-emptying brawl between two gigantic bears. I also caught Good Night and Good Luck and The 40-Year-Old Virgin this year, and neither one of them had that. In short, second-tier Herzog is better than everything else… almost.

1. Death by Horsecock

All of Herzog’s accomplishments in Grizzly Man are met or exceeded by this minute long home-video. Ruthless Forumite, Spyder the Despicable, achieved Cuntkilla-esq immortality by posting this film. First and foremost, this is a great film, because it shows a man being fucked to death by a horse while his partner says, “Oh yeah, do you like that?” from behind the camera. The only thing funnier than the grunt of pain when the horse achieves half-penetration is the cry of pain and confusion as the horse slams all the way home, delivering a painful lesson in physiology.

But on another level, this is a depiction of humanity come full circle. We’ve separated ourselves from other animals with our huge brains and bendy thumbs. This is our world now. One of the idiots featured in this film, holds in his hand a device that can record and replay facsimiles of his sensory experiences. As stupid as he is, our man has mastered this miraculous device and captures these magnificent events for posterity. Second place for technological achievement goes to monkeys who use sticks to fish bugs out of holes and eat them.

But no monkey has ever died of a perforated colon due to voluntarily being fucked in the ass by two-feet of horse schlong. We are the extra special monkeys who have conquered the rest of nature, and will use it to fuck ourselves in the ass until we die. Even at our moment of extinction, we will fail to recognize the heartless, unfeeling, unthinking nature of the destruction wrought by the grizzly bear, the horsecock or the atom. After the horse dick reduces our man’s insides to a meat smoothie, he asks, “did he come?” as though the lethal coitus was mutually meaningful. Man Fucked to Death by Horse, Grizzly Man Mainlined or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and see Nuclear Annihilation as Funny.



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  1. Goat Avatar

    A masterpiece. The video in question for movie #1 was widely available until Oregon laws were passed making it a felony to perform or video humans having sex with non-humans. There are several documentaries about this incident as well as reaction videos from those who actually watched this incident.

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