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The Top 10 Movies To Watch While On a Date

An ideal evening: a warm plaid, wine, a loved one nearby, and a good movie! But what to watch with a significant other to make a date even more romantic and intimate? Get a look at these 10 best movies to watch on a date!

P.S. I love you
The film is based on the eponymous best-seller of Cecilia Ahern. Holly and Jerry are madly in love with each other… people often say about such couples “they lived happily ever after and died on the same day.” By happenstance, Jerry dies much earlier, and Holly is left alone. Being unable to overcome the loss, the girl plunges into depression. However, Jerry was able to predict that his beloved would feel bad, so he prepared seven messages in order to support Holly in this difficult time. The girl finds each new message only after she has followed the instructions from the previous one. At the end of each letter, there is a postscript … “I love you.”

The Notebook
It is unlikely that there is a girl who has not watched this film. Moreover, it is unlikely that there is a girl who does not want to watch it again, especially in the company of her loved one. Who, by the way, will surely deserve the proud title of “The one and only” if he can share with his girlfriend all the feelings that this melodrama evokes. The film revolves around a guy and a girl from different social stratum who carried their love through life. Once in their younger days, Noah and Allie spent an unforgettable summer together. But then, their paths diverged: first, the relations of lovers were hindered by their parents, and soon, World War II began. A few years after the war, Allie successfully marries a businessman, and Noah lives on his memories. After some time, Allie finds out about Noah’s residency from a local newspaper and meets with him again. This is an especially good film if you are dating a girl after a break-up.

The Adjustment Bureau

This film with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt tells the story of two young people who, by personal example, prove the widespread love theorem that everyone in the world has his own ideal soul mate. The film was shot in the genre of a fantastic thriller. But an interesting romantic story line makes it even more fascinating.

Love&Other Drugs
At first glance, Jamie and Maggie are a perfect match. The girl is a cheerful and restless artist who does not burden herself with obligations. The guy is a charming Casanova who changes girls every night. They spend together unforgettable days and nights full of passion. And yet, everyone has his own terrible secret. Jamie cannot confess to himself that he is in love with Maggie, and the girl hides Parkinson’s disease.

One Day
A modest girl Emma and heart-throb Dexter meet at a graduation party. The evening turns into a fiasco, and the couple promises each other to become good friends and keep in touch for better or for worse. Years pass, the main characters fall in love, break-up, move, and change works. The only thing that remains unchanged is their strong friendship. Almost twenty years after, Emma and Dexter meet again and finally realize that they love each other. But is this enough to be happy?

A Walk to Remember
A Walk to Remember” is based on the eponymous novel by Nicholas Sparks. The film revolves around Landon Carter… one of the most popular high school students. Landon’s next trick costs him dearly … contrary to his wishes, the young man is forced to do socially useful work: he has to help the D-students, as well as play a role in the upcoming theatrical production of the local dramatic circle. So, Landon meets an inconspicuous girl called Jamie. The lady becomes for him the only option to solve the problem. Jamie agrees to assist Landon, but in return, the girl asks him not to fall in love with her… the high school student easily makes such a promise. This is one of the best movies to watch on a date!

Before Sunrise
To create a wonderful romantic film, one does not have to spend great money on tricks and visual effects. An American director Richard Linklater used only three characters in his best picture … a man, a woman, and Vienna, on the streets of which the main characters spend the night, accidentally meeting on a train. The plot was inspired by a true story from the life of Richard Linklater, and the film turned out to be surprisingly moving and insightful.

Ruby Sparks
Kelvin is a young but already established writer, mired in a creative crisis. Recently, the guy has broken up with a girl, as a consequence, Kelvin is terribly worried – the man even has to make an appointment with a psychotherapist. But one day, Kelvin sees a dream about a red-haired beauty … Ruby Sparks. Waking up, the man writes down everything he has dreamed of. Thus, the writer can create a new novel, but instead, Ruby appears in the writer’s house … the same amazing girl who fascinated the main character in his dream.

The Story of Us
This is a real-life film reflecting all the problems in the modern relationship between two young people. Are you used to seeing Bruce Willis as macho in action movies? This picture shows Willis’s acting talent from a completely different angle.

Notting Hill
The movie star Anna Scott is known throughout the world … everyone is waiting for the release of films with her participation. Anna doesn’t really like this popularity, because once the girl takes a step, the annoying paparazzi immediately know about it. William Tucker has a small guidebook store in the Notting Hill area. William’s life, in his own opinion, is pretty dull. The paths of Anna and William cross in this bookstore, but no one could imagine that they would fall in love with each other.



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