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Un Coeur en Hiver (1992) (A Heart In Winter)

I was asked what was a great movie about love? Now I’m no expert on love, but I do recognize great films every once and awhile. Check out this magnificent French film. Available at Prime Video.

This is a wonderful French film, and not your usual love story. Boy, it’s never a good thing to fall in love with the boss’s lady, and even worse if it is her that falls for you. This is some kind of gorgeous movie, one of the best love stories ever, or perhaps not a love story, but a story about one who is unable to love.

Stephane is a brilliant violin craftsman, and he works for his boss, Maxine. Camille is an impossibly beautiful and talented woman, a violinist, who comes to the violin shop for advice on her violin. Soon she and Maxine are dating and lovers, and Stephane gazes from afar, happy for his boss. But, things get complicated as Camille becomes infatuated with Stephane, who is a genius violin craftsman, much more skilled than even Maxine.

She falls in love with Stephane, has a messy break-up with Maxine, and goes to her new love. The problem is that Stephane is incapable of an emotional attachment. Oh, he finds her beautiful and desirable, and is not physically incapable, only emotionally challenged to fall in love, or to have that sort of relationship with another human.

This is a beautiful film, and an adult film, not because there is any gratuitous nudity or sex, but because it is a sophisticated movie about human dignity and conflict, and the perils of emotions that cannot be consummated. Highly, highly recommended film about love and its perils.



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