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Understanding Trumpers: How Can 70 Million People Be Wrong?

The election is over. Regardless of the hate-spewed lies of Trump…Lies that 69.9 Million of the Trumpers actually believe, Joe Biden will be the next President of The United States. Oh, and what a mess he will inherit, but that will be discussed later. Covid-19 is raging, and there is nothing that the present administration will do to address it. Nonetheless, unless our democracy totally collapses, we will have a change in leadership Jan. 20. Thank Fucking Goat. 

The Biden landslide that most of us hoped for did not materialize. 

The Democrats actually lost ground in the House, and failed to gain ground in the Senate. Mitch McConnel was re-elected handily in the State of Kentucky. The thought that this creep will be controlling things for another 4 years is as nauseating as it is infuriating, but it is what it is. 

I am trying to understand the appeal that a racist, pussy-grabbing, veteran mocking, charity plundering, often bankrupt, ignoramus of a traitor has to his millions of supporters. This divide is not merely Black v. White or rich v. poor. It is much deeper than that. After looking at all the election result maps, State by State, and county by county, the revelation is stunning. This divide is rural v. urban and educated v. not.

However, we cannot overlook the vile racism that still exists in this country. I can explain Trumpism with one picture. Here is the problem that 70 million Americans still have. They used to hang black men for merely glancing at a white woman. The very thought that a black man fathered Barack Obama STILL ignites this resentment. The fact that he went on to be President furthers the hate. Well, I’ll show them, they think. Here’s Donald Trump. Until this racism dies out in this country, we will always have division. Racism is also validated by religion, specifically Christianity.

Trump’s message for 4 years has been very simple and has nothing to do with truth. Trump has appealed to the basest instincts of Americans. He has successfully harvested racism and resentment for political advantage. For the uneducated and gullible, this simplistic message has been refreshing. He has pushed all the right buttons, kindled hatred and tribalism, and diverted the attention of the masses away from their real enemies. Trump is the master of deceit and fear-mongering.

Trump’s simple message targeted simple people. I’m not saying that all Americans who voted for Trump are simpletons, but let’s face it, a lot of them are. A vast number of Americans have felt left out of the political process, much of which they just don’t understand. They have felt disenfranchised, disrespected and ridiculed by an elitist establishment. The masses also fear and mistrust what they do not understand, things like science, liberalism, atheism and socialism. All of these things have been demonized by Trump for political gain. His supporters have over-looked his grifting, his lies, his bullying and misogyny and have doubled -down and dug in. His twitter rampages and constant bleat of “fake news” have resonated with the common man, who has long feared and mistrusted what has been perceived as a dangerous “liberal-controlled news media”.

I don’t know what the cure for Trumpism is. The easy answer is truth, transparency and education, but no amount of that can have an impact if the truth and science is automatically rejected, conflicting with the Trump message. I’m not optimistic and it is easy to see the similarities of Trumpism and the low-hanging fruit of religious belief and denial of reality. Both are absurd, but we simply cannot ignore the huge influence on society that both cults wield.

The United States Of America will survive, but will be forever changed by the impact of Donald Trump. We can only hope that history will accurately portray this evil man for what he was, a liar and a demagogue who did serious damage to the prestige of the office of President of The United States Of America.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was too nice. Please stay tuned for The ABC’s Of Donald Trump, coming soon.



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